SIDEKICK for WordPress – A Total Game Changer: My Interview with Ben Fox WPCP: 043


You probably know by now that I’m a TOTAL geek about finding cool tools and resources to make online business and WordPress easier (and sometimes it’s just about finding something cool, because really… I probably have more tools than I have time for), so to say I was absolutely in AWE when I found SIDEKICK would be an understatement.


SIDEKICK is a game-changer. And that’s being conservative.

I think the day I found it I must have told as many people as possible about it, then every time I talked to a coaching client or fellow WordPress business owner it was like I was 5 years old and someone had just told me I was going to Disneyland.

I found SIDEKICK via Twitter, which is one of the ways I find cool new tools & resources (and trust me, it’s not rocket science, I just click through to websites from people I follow or are following me when I go to follow them back. We all know my activity on Twitter needs a little help). I think the day I found SIDEKICK I asked to interview them for the Podcast. Fortunately, Ben Fox followed up with me to make that happen (why I need a project manager to help with my schedule).

I want you to listen to the entire interview, but I have to at least explain what SIDEKICK is.

SIDEKICK is a set of interactive walkthrough tutorials for WordPress and WordPress plugins (although the platform is available for non-WordPress websites or web-based platforms, we’re just going to talk about WordPress).

How it works (this is the free version- for the paid version you’ll need to add your activation code):

– Install the plugin like you would any other plugin

– An orange bar appears at the bottom left of your Dashboard menu that says ‘HELP ME’

– Click the ‘HELP ME’ button and the SIDEKICK menu of Walkthroughs appear.

– Select the walkthrough you want (ex: How to Create a Post) and the animated walkthrough will begin. Step by step instructions telling you how to create a post WHILE you create the post!


Enter Composer for SIDEKICKBen-Fox

In case you were thinking you might be interested in creating your own guided walkthroughs, you can.

SIDEKICK just opened its beta for Composer which allows you to create your guided walkthroughs (I’ll let you know how my first run at it goes. I’m in the beta and will be working with it this week). You can get in on the beta for Composer here.
Like my other interviews, I asked Ben about his life pre-SIDEKICK (he’s been involved with WordPress for a while) as well as the development of SIDEKICK, his partnership, and how they funded their business (the good ol’ fashion way… simply through hard work and determination).

Listen to the entire interview to get the inside scoop on Ben, the entire team at SIDEKICK and they’re growing an amazing tool through an awesome company culture (look at the footer on their website, and then you’ll hear in the interview how this one fun thing is bringing everyone at SIDEKICK together).

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