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Arlene Batishill

The way I connected with Arlene Battishill is a perfect example of the power of what we do online.

A friend had mentioned Arlene to me and I happened to catch a live stream she was doing where she was talking about the book, Expert Secrets, by Russell Brunson. Many of you have heard me talk about what a game-changer that book was for me (I’ve read it twice and have gone through all of the exercises in the book, I highly recommend it).

Anyway, I hopped on the live stream and simply commented that the book was a game-changer for me as well. We went back & forth a couple of times in the chat on the live stream, then I sent her a private message on Facebook about having her on the podcast. We proceeded to chat inArlene Batishill messenger for a bit, then scheduled a Skype call to connect. And the rest, as they say, is history.

It’s SO vitally important to take the time to foster relationships online. Nothing will help your business grow the way quality relationships will.

I knew right away that Arlene would be an amazing guest to have on the show for a few reasons: her energy and enthusiasm for what she does, her direct approach to marketing is hugely refreshing. She also has an amazing story… from being in real estate when the crash in 2008 happened, to launching her own fashionable, protective gear for motorcycle and scooter riders (which included learning to source from China and an appearance on Shark Tank). She’s added funnel expert to her list (as a certified partner) and is a genius at Facebook advertising as well.

Questions I Asked Arlene

  1. For the listeners, can you share your background and what you’ve done before becoming a #funnelhacker?
  2. What was it like being on Shark Tank?
  3. You’ve written a book called ‘Retail Shock Therapy: A Prescription for what ails your online sales.’ Is the book for information marketers as well as e-commerce owners?
  4. Can you explain your business today?
  5. I love that you focus on Ad targeting. I’ve worked with a great Facebook ad agency (had great results), but still kind of feel like I’m doing my ‘best guess’ with targeting. Do you have any tips?
  6. Let’s talk about ClickFunnels. Why are you so passionate about ClickFunnels?
  7. Where is the best place to get started with all of this for someone who is new to funnels and ads?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Arlene shifted from real estate to creating her own motorcycle clothing line
  • What she learned in going to China to source 17 different factories
  • Why she didn’t go into Shark Tank in hopes of getting a deal
  • How Arlene works with clients with their Facebook ads
  • What her book is about
  • What the Alpha Dog School for Women is (and why she’s launching it)
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Where to Connect with Arlene

Alpha Dogs Facebook Group| Facebook | Book

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