SEO Bootcamp: Give Your Business More Than 10 Weeks to Succeed

SEO Bootcamp

I have a few friends I chat with on Skype on & off during the week about business.

We keep each other accountable or are collaborating on projects.

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend (we’re accountability partners)¬†and she shared something with me that happened in a Facebook group she’s in (it’s a private group for people who purchased a course).

Keep in mind the creator of the course doesn’t participate in the Facebook group (it may have been positioned that way, so we’ll leave that alone) outside of a weekly Q&A (where this issue was never addressed).

However, this incident was a great opportunity for this ‘guru’ (I can’t think of another term right now… so let’s just roll with it, k? The course creator has a very well known name & brand) to step up and make a difference.

Here’s what was shared in the group (sidenote: try to read this from both sides – frustration and opportunity):

“Let me give you online marketers some FREE sales copy for your pain points:
I’m TIRED of sitting at my computer for hours.
I’m TIRED of signing up for “free trials” of everything (truthfully, in the next 60 days I will probably owe thousands on my credit card from places I forgot I signed up for when trying to decide who had what I needed).
I’m TIRED of writing an item on my checklist (i.e. get “x” software) and then having to create a sub checklist which involves 5 more items that also tend to have sub checklists. (ex: learn “x” software, integrate “x” software, learn how to integrate it because it won’t do it automatically…).
And I’m tired of CONSTANTLY working without feeling like I have ANYTHING that I can offer ANYONE after 10 weeks of SOLID effort.
You’re welcome.”
Clearly this person is beyond frustrated.

I have empathy for this person.

I’ve felt that level of frustration. Not for the same issues, but I’ve been there.

Now let’s look at this from a little different perspective.

10 weeks isn’t that long.

What makes someone think they can learn everything, understand everything, have a product or service that provides value and gets results and be profiting in ONLY 10 weeks?

Let me also point out that this course was about profiting with webinars.

It wasn’t an all-inclusive, start a profitable online business course.

There are SO many pieces to the online business puzzle.

And it takes time and effort.

Which is why I’ve gone back to basics… and the puzzle pieces are falling into place.

One of those ‘pieces’ is SEO.

Which has never been super appealing to me… until now.

Don’t get me wrong, I do the SEO basics (or so I think…. wink wink), but my site can be doing SO much more for me.
I’m putting a lot of time and energy into content… it only makes sense to make sure I’m doing it correctly.

I’m going to be starting an SEO course soon and will share the journey with you on my site (now that I’m settled in the new place and about to change my theme I have a more realistic schedule to commit to this).

If you’re serious (and committed), to the long game in your business, you need to understand and implement SEO correctly.

Want more than a course?

How about a three days of live teaching and implementation?

With none other than Rebecca Gill, Carrie Dils and Cory Miller?

Yep, that’s right.

They’re hosting a LIVE SEO Bootcamp this coming January. 3 days of learning, coaching and implementation.

And yes, space is LIMITED. There are only 40 spots total (not sure how many are left).

I do know there are only 5 early bird tickets left (early bird pricing ends October 31st)… I’d grab them now.

Get early bird pricing for SEO Bootcamp here

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