Rusty Nails, WordPress and My Interview with BobWP: WPCP 020


I had to start this interview off by asking Bob what a Rusty Nail was (the reference on his site was to a cocktail, not an actual nail that was sitting out in the rain and got rusty :-)).


A rusty nail of course is a cocktail (you’ll have to listen to the interview to find out what’s actually in a Rusty Nail (I’ve become kind of a skirt about hard liquor, so I don’t think I’ll be trying one anytime soon). This was just one of the fun little tidbits I picked up from Bob’s “About” page, which I always check out before I’m going to interview someone, regardless of how well I may know the person (speaking of which, when was the last time you reviewed and updated your “About” page? I think mine is in for an update soon!).

BobWP (we’ll just say Bob for the rest of the post) and I had connected on Twitter through the #GenesisWP hashtag sometime earlier this year. It was when a conversation started about connecting with other Genesis enthusiasts at WordCamp San Francisco that I got to connect more with Bob, and of course in person at WordCamp SF (the dinner out with everyone was definitely the highlight of WordCamp SF for me).  As soon as Bob and I started chatting while at WordCamp I knew I wanted to have him on the podcast!

Like everyone else I’ve interviewed I had to ask Bob about his story and what lead him to a business focusing on WordPress and training. Many of my interviewees have had a previous ‘career’ or experience in Web Design, but Bob’s background stemmed from owning his own design company (print design) that he owned with his wife. He got into WordPress when he realized everything was moving away from print and with his love of learning and teaching he stepped into WordPress.

*Fun Side Note*
One of my subscribers just let me know that she took her first WordPress class from BobWP! And now she has a full WordPress business herself, so I’d say that’s a pretty great testament to Bob’s teaching skills!)

Bob still works for himself and his wife works at home along side him, which I would guess not many people can do successfully and stay together… Bob and his wife have done this for years and have clearly made it work. Oh… and did I mention that Bob and his wife live on an island in the state of Washington? Yep! And somehow he still manages to network and connect locally.

When I asked Bob to share something fun about himself, it just confirmed what I thought about him when I met him, that he’s a great guy and does more than his fair share of giving back. And no, I’m not going to tell you. 🙂 You have to listen to the interview to find out what Bob’s ‘fun fact’ is!

Make sure to stop by Bob’s site and connect with him on Twitter (he’s pretty active on twitter), you won’t be disappointed.

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