Running A Business & Marketing Your Niche with Curtis McHale WPCP: 126

Curtis McHale

I have to say that this is the first podcast interview that I’ve done where we talked about poop.

But that’s what happens when you talk to a parent of young children (Curtis has young kids)… you just never know where the conversation is going to go.

I was pretty excited when Curtis got in touch to be on the podcast. I had subscribed to him sometime in the last year and really loved his writing. Curtis shares his personal journey, lessons learned and doesn’t hold back from giving an opinion. That being said, he’s also pretty relaxed. Which I’m sure comes from having clear boundaries in his business.

We talked about a lot of things (which is why I’ve included the transcripts below. I’ll probably be adding these moving forward, it just depends on time. I’m also thinking of adding time stamps), but one of my most favorite take-aways was the need to set firm boundaries in my business. Curtis does something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS… he batches his calls on Tuesday.

Meaning, Tuesday is the ONLY day he takes and schedules calls.

The thought of that makes me feel like I won the time lottery (because somewhere I think that exists… and the beauty of the time lottery is that we’re the ones picking the winning numbers. hmm… think there’s a blog post in there somewhere).

Questions I Asked Curtis

  1. Before we get into vetting clients, fill the listeners in on you & your backstory
  2. You have an agency & your personal site where you do coaching & work with clients. When did you start doing coaching?
  3. When did you realize you needed to get better at vetting clients?
  4. Was there a shift or something that occurred in your business that made you put better time & energy into client vetting?
  5. When you started your business how were you getting clients?
  6. How did the questions that you asked potential clients differentiate you from competitors?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Curtis left a job by telling the owner he’d fire himself
  • Why you don’t want to get on the phone too fast
  • How asking better questions up front is key in vetting clients
  • Why telling a client that their idea is bad will gain their trust
  • Why Curtis started batching his calls (hint: it’s not rocket science)
  • What his new is about
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Where to Connect with Curtis

Website | Twitter | Book

You can click the link below for the full transcript:

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