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Repurpose Content

No matter what you do to repurpose your content, there’s always more you can do.

I know, that might sound a little depressing or overwhelming (how much more can you possibly do, right?), but the good news is that there is a lot of automation happening in this space and tools that are coming out to streamline this process.

Which is why I was super excited to have Hani Mourra back on the podcast this week.

If you haven’t listened to my previous episode with Hani, you can listen to that here. Hani is the creator of the Simple Podcast Press plugin as well as a couple other WordPress plugins. Hani has launched a new SaaS platform called

Repurpose does exactly what you think it would do, it repurposes your content.

Not all of your content, but for those of you who create audio and video content, you’re going to want to jump into this as soon as possible. Repurpose is currently by invitation only, but not from the exclusive sense. The first founders will get access in February (yes, I’m super excited to be one of those founders). Hani wants to make sure everything is working smoothly and the initial adopters are up and running (smart process).

Questions I asked Hani

  1. What have you been up to since our last interview? (we had to catch up a little bit)
  2. For the listeners who may not be familiar with you, can you share a little about your business and what your WordPress plugins are?
  3. Let’s talk about What made you decide to launch a web app for this as opposed to a WordPress plugin?
  4. How has creating this product differed from creating a WordPress plugin?
  5. How did you decide on pricing for your platform?
  6. Can you explain what is?
  7. Where can people find out more about
[clickToTweet tweet=”We’ve increased the price based on the value it delivers. @hanimourra” quote=”We’ve increased the price based on the value it delivers.” theme=”style6″]

What You’re Going to Learn

  • Why Hani decided to go with a web app as opposed to a WordPress plugin
  • How he’s decided which features to launch Repurpose with
  • Why he considers Repurpose a platform as opposed to a web app
  • Which integrations Repurpose will launch with
  • Why Hani considers himself an ‘automation freak’
  • When you can get access to (and where)
[clickToTweet tweet=”With we’re going across channels. @hanimourra” quote=”With we’re going across channels.” theme=”style6″]

To say I’m excited about would be an understatement.

I have always loved repurposing content, this just gives me a way to automate it and measure which channels give me the best ROI.

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Where to Connect with Hani

Facebook | Twitter |

*Transcripts coming soon*

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  1. I have already signed up as an early adopter for Hani’s Repurpose plugin. I have been using his Simple Podcast Press and Simple Social Press plugins, and they are excellent. AM looking forward to his newest product with great anticipation.

    1. Me too Bo!
      I can’t wait to get inside of I love Hani’s products too, they get the job done, look great and the company provides great support!

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