Quit Waffling… Say Yes and Go

Say Yes

I’ve literally been sitting here staring at my monitor for about 5 minutes waiting for some inspiration or wit to enter my brain and still… I got nothin.

Which is really for one reason only.

I’m sleepy.

I was offline yesterday and on the road quite a bit. I even stepped outside of my comfort zone and headed into San Francisco for a networking dinner last night. Not that a networking dinner makes me uncomfortable, but I tend to be a creature of habit and like my routines. I was invited to the dinner last week and thought “yep! I’m going to go.”

Then I remembered that I was driving to and from my parent’s house yesterday morning to help them with something (4 hour round trip) and started waffling.

Do you ever do that?

Have that back and forth conversation in your head with yourself where you can easily talk yourself into something and then the next day just as easily talk yourself out of it?

I do this all the time.

But once I was on the road to my parents yesterday, listening to the audiobook of “Ask Gary Vee” (I told you I drank the Koolaid), I made one simple decision.

Stop overthinking it.

Just go.

So I did, and it was fantastic. I even did a quick impromptu live stream into my Content Creators Facebook Group with someone at the dinner (I’m doing regular live streams on Facebook, but this was my first ‘spur of the moment’ live stream when I was out and about. I’ll admit it, the content was kind of lacking, but that’s O.K., I did it).

I was home by about 11:15 but for the life of me could NOT fall asleep until about1:30 AM.

SO… here I am.

I thought what would be most helpful today is to send a few things I haven’t sent you (as opposed to one link) to bring you up to speed on things. While I’ll be working the rest of the week I’m definitely taking some time off next week.

Here are a few things I wanted to share with you today:

My first article for Funnel Magazine has been published! This is a digital magazine with a quarterly print edition. I’ve written a couple other articles and plan to continue contributing (and by the way, if you’re interested in writing for them let me know and I’ll connect you).

Read “The Story Is The Strategy: Content + Funnels for Subscriber Growth & Segmentation”

Plugin time!

One of my favorite companies Thrive Themes, has a new plugin out called Thrive Comments. You may be wondering why you would need a comment plugin…check it out and you’ll see what makes this plugin different (One of the many things Thrive Themes does well is conversions and increasing engagement is a great way to increase conversions).

Check out Thrive Comments Here


I’ve got my last live stream before Christmas tomorrow with none other than my dear friend, Lee Jackson.

Lee & I talk a lot about our businesses and the behind-the-scenes stuff that helps us stay sane. Tomorrow we’re going to have a ‘Night Before Christmas’ live stream (yes, we’re going to wear our holiday attire) to talk about marketing as yourself to build your audience, what to do with your audience and vanity metric vs. value metrics.

Click here for notification of my live stream with Lee

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