Question for You…

question for you

This might be a little bit of a hard look in the mirror… because it is for me too, but hang with me for this.

I talk a lot about #JustShowUP… and what that means in your business.

When I first started using the term #JustShowUP I think a lot of people assumed I meant it literally, as in, “show up on camera” or make sure people “see” you online.

That’s a super small piece of what I mean by #JustShowUP.

Often times spending money and being busy in business is mistaken for showing up.

I’ve have an entire podcast episode on what it means to #JustShowUP, you can listen to that here.

But for the sake of today’s email, let’s look at just a few key points and I’ll get to my question for you.

  • How often are you making offers?
  • How frequently do you communicate with your email list?
  • Are you building your email list?
  • Does your email list know who you are?
  • Are you caught up in learning and never publishing? (or never launching)

Are you running Facebook ads but not emailing the people who are already on your list? (which one do you have more control over?)

Hiring people to things, then not having those things work, takes the responsibility off of yourself.

Not that you need to know how to do everything, but if nothing you’re doing is working maybe it’s not the external that needs adjusting?

We tend to make this way more difficult.

It doesn’t matter if your email list is 50 or 5000.

Do they know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them?

If you’re not sure, I’d start there.

And start SELLING to them.

When you have a solution to someone’s problem, let them know.

I saw this on Facebook this morning and it struck a nerve:

So…my question to you is are you mistaking productive procrastination for the work that needs to be done? (you can reply or not… and know that I do this myself at times).

If I had my choice, I’d spend all day creating and connecting.

But that’s not enough.

Marketing and selling is what makes a business a business.

This is why Jodi and I decided to create a workshop specifically on content promotion (marketing).

What kind of results do you think you’d get if you spent more time promoting and less time starting over with new content?

(not that we want you to stop creating…)

Next week we’re hosting the first-ever LIVE Content Promotion Code workshop!

We’re going to show you how to take ONE piece of content and create a promotional campaign for 30 days (and longer with some automation).

Get more leverage from what you’ve already created.

This live 90-minute workshop is next Wednesday, April 28th at 10:00 am PDT and 1:00 pm EDT.

This is a live webinar (not a live stream) and space is limited!

Click here to register for the Content Promotion Code workshop!

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