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Relationship Funnels

This is one of those episodes where I highly recommend you get a pen & paper ready or open a note-taking tool, you’re going to need it. Landon Porter, of “Getting Clients Without Being Salesy” joins me on the podcast and we go deep into where marketing is heading and why ‘old school marketing’ methods aren’t working the way they used to (can I get an Amen?).Landon Porter

Landon and I connected earlier this year and I’m super grateful we did (although it may have been the end of 2017 now that I think of it…). He’s one of those people that I instantly felt like I had known for a long time (in a good way).

If you joined me for the Content Creators Summit back in March, you may remember Landon from that. Whether you did or didn’t, you’re in for a real treat. I’ve watched him grow a very successful Facebook Group (over 15k people now) and it’s been super inspiring for me with my own Facebook Group.

One of the things I love most about what Landon and his team are doing (he has a great team, including his wife Ash Tuesday Porter who helps drive their amazing Facebook Group) is that everything they teach and talk about is do-able. They teach solid fundamentals and strategies that will help you build a solid business. My guess is this will be an episode you come back to more than once.

Questions I Asked Landon

  1. Can you share your background with the audience?
  2. Where did the ‘Sales Gorilla’ come from?
  3. What made you decide to launch the Facebook Group?
  4. You’ve had a lot of success with your Facebook Group. How have you guys grown it?
  5. What is a relationship funnel?
  6. What type of qualification process do you use?
  7. How has your ideal client avatar changed from when you first started?
'When you're speaking to everyone, you're speaking to no one.' - Landon PorterClick To Tweet

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Landon translated his offline sales skills to the online world… in a way that felt better
  • Why market research is the number one key component (and how to do it)
  • When mindset is the fundamental issue (and why Landon won’t sell to those people)
  • How to create a qualification process in the sales funnel that guides people to a decision
  • Why connection is at the core of all marketing and sales
  • What Landon is doing that is driving all of their marketing
  • What big marketers are still doing wrong
  • What book Landon recommends everyone read
They've got a fundamentally different problem and it's a mindset issue. - Landon PorterClick To Tweet

Where to Connect with Landon

Facebook Group | Website

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