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ProBlogger 7 Link ChallengeI love it when an idea for a post just shows up…without much effort on my part! This was one of those occasions. I subscribe to Problogger’s feed and have it on my iGoogle homepage (because I’m THAT impatient…don’t want to wait until tomorrow to get the good stuff… 😉 ) and here’s the post title from Darren today: “Take the 7 link Challenge Today #7 Links”. I was pretty pleased to see a great idea for a post that I could pull together with some thought and a little reminiscing! So….that being said- here’s my 7 Links post!

1) Your First Post: Yowza….I think this may be a bit embarassing- I enjoyed a good chuckle when re-reading it. Needless to say I haven’t revisited the podcast challenge (dove into video first)- but now am inspired to do so! But I did get the iPhone! 🙂 Here’s the post:

2) A Post you Enjoyed Writing: I was like a kid at Christmas with this one! When I saw the subject line of this link post I knew instantly which post it was…it was my post and first video on StudioPress Genesis! I was ridiculously excited when Genesis came out! Here’s the post:

3) A Post which had a great discussion: Hmm..this was a little more tricky- because the StudioPress Genesis had some great comments, but the one that was a little more heated was the post about John Reese’s Outsource Force. You can check that post out here:

4) A Post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written: This wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be- mainly because there are too many to choose from! But this one was timely (as in today)- and something I think ANYONE who is building an online business needs to read! Here’s the link:

5) Your most helpful Post: This by far has received the most traffic – especially with my tutorials! This post is what made me shift towards doing more StudioPress tutorials! You can check it out here:

6) A Post with a title that you are proud of: This was a little harder than I initially thought it would be- and a HUGE wake-up call that I need to think a little harder about writing better post titles (just hard because studying copy writing isn’t something I’m terribly thrilled to do- but know it’s super important!). Here’s the post:

7) A Post that you wish more people had read: I knew right away which one I would choose for this! I decided to read this after getting an email from someone whose list I’m on. First off let me say that I think there’s PLENTY of room for everyone to succeed online- regardless of your niche. If you have the drive, desire and are consistent, you can definitely succeed (some niche’s may take longer than others- but if you’re passionate, work hard and come from a place of integrity- you can build a successful business!). But it totally bugs me when people hop from one thing to the next- saying they can teach you x,y or z when they’re not doing it themselves! Don’t get me wrong- you have to start somewhere- but claiming to teach people about blogging when you RARELY post on your own site is pretty lame.
Ok…enough ranting. Here’s the post:

What about you? Up for the 7 Link Challenge? This was enlightening & fun to say the least!

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  1. That was a very theraputic thing to try. I am a new serious blogger and found this to really make me look at my own emerging blogging style will learning from some really great bloggers like Darren and yourself. Fun stuff, thanks for the heads up!

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