Podcasting Isn't a Trend – It's Content


I think at this point this is something we can all agree on.

Although I do think there are people who see podcasting as the ‘latest bandwagon’ (we’re just going to go on my hunch on this because I can’t quite fathom the idea of trying to find facts to support this opinion. I know that there are people out there who take that opinion whenever a new platform rolls out… they take a stance as to why they’re not getting all hot and bothered with the latest ‘thing’… think Periscope or Blab).

Of course podcasting is hardly new. The more people that start podcasting the more it feels like people are jumping into it (although isn’t that point when something becomes mainstream? The weird thing is that people don’t really do that with mainstream media, have you noticed? No one complains because other TV Networks outside of the big ones are launching their own series. Something to ponder…)

Back to Podcasting

I know that saying podcasting is content isn’t revolutionary, but it seems like it often gets overlooked.

I adore podcasting because I can take it with me anywhere (I was a listener of podcasts long before I started my own). I often joke that I’ve become a very anti-social shopper because I tend to have headphones in listening to podcasts when I’m out and about running errands… actually it makes me a much calmer shopper (for what it’s worth).

Here are a few things to keep in mind with Podcasting:

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  • It’s one of the most intimate types of content we can consume. I know that might sound a little dramatic, but when a podcast is done well you feel like the host is talking directly to YOU.
  • People are CHOOSING you. Choosing to take you with them, choosing to subscribe and choosing to have your content pushed directly to them.
  • They keep coming back for more! Think about the power of that! Your audience tunes into you weekly… they want to hear what you have to say.
  • You creating twice the value when you publish a podcast post! You get to record your episode which is audio content and then you create a written post that has SEO value, potentially attracts new subscribers and gives you the opportunity to create a relationship with them. By getting their name and email address and providing more value.
  • Podcasting creates a connection with your listener
  • Once you have a connection with your audience it’s easier to grow the relationship


Because we have SO much content available to us we automatically filter out what works for us and what doesn’t.

I know for myself that there have been bloggers or people I’ve subscribed to that at one time I ADORED what they did and what they said. Now? It doesn’t quite feel the same. It doesn’t hold the same draw as it did a few years back in my business. Which is a good thing if we’re all growing, right? Ideally your business evolves and grows as you do so your ideal client or target audience is going to be different.

Which is why content is SO crucial when your goal is to create a real business and are in this for the long haul. One of the things I hear most often from people when they’re considering creating and launching a podcast is that they don’t have the time. I won’t go into some long drawn-out preachy paragraph about how we all have the same ’24 hours’ a day. You know all that already.

What I will tell you is that it’s a form of content that can get you a much faster return on your investment of time and energy.

Your podcast listeners are YOUR people.

[Tweet “Your podcast listeners are YOUR people.”]

They’re not cold leads and they’re not occasional readers.

They DIG you. They appreciate you. The CHOOSE you.

If you’ve been thinking about podcasting, start looking at it from a content creation and connection perspective.

AND… really think about whether or not it’s something you want to truly #showup for. If your heart isn’t into it (and into it for the long term), then find a form of content that you can stick with and is feels right for you. I’ve said this over and over again, and yes, it bears repeating. I believe every niche can be served from a podcast, but I don’t think everyone should podcast.

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  1. According to the latest Edison Research figures, podcasting is definitely going somewhere. There’s a 24% year on year rise of listeners to podcasting that’s the biggest jump in it’s history.

    Podcasting is definitely a format that content marketers should be adding to their their content marketing strategy now.

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