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Before we get into the heart of the interview, let me just say that you might want to have a pen & paper handy (or Evernote…) to take some notes while you listen! I’ve been a fan of Pinterest since I joined a couple of years ago. Part of me is quite proud of the fact that I was sort of an ‘early adopter’ (in my humble opinion anyway), but then I have to fess up to not really using Pinterest to its full advantage and understanding how it works as a search tool (yea, I had NO idea about this).

Cynthia and I had connected some time last year and then I decided I needed to follow up and get her on the show.

Not only is her story amazing but it is SO full of valuable information you may need to listen a second time. 🙂

From Nurse to full-time Pinterest Coach, Speaker and Consultant

Like many other online marketers, Cynthia was inspired to start her online business after finding Pat Flynn’s podcast, Smart Passive Income (who doesn’t love Pat, right?). The best part about her decision to start a blog was that she decided to pick something that would be fun and let it evolve. She originally thought she was going to set up an online business relative to her career as an oncology nurse but decided that learning how to do it with something fun would be smart.

Starting with Pinterest

Deciding to start her online journey with something ‘fun’ was not only smart it clearly was ‘meant to be’. To anyone who is even considering something online, this is something you should really take to heart… it’s O.K. to approach it in a way that feels right for you.

Cynthia is also a wife and mother to 4 kids… so having a full-time job on top of life at home didn’t make starting her online business easy, but she stuck with it.

Before she knew it she was asked by a local business to help them with Pinterest marketing.

Then asked to speak at Social Media Marketing World as a Pinterest expert (Michael Stelzner & Social Media Examiner).

And did I mention that Cynthia has a Podcast? Her podcast is also one of the reasons she was invited to speak at Social Media Marketing World.
Not too shabby for a new business, huh?

Pinterest is a Search Tool  – Not A Social Media site

What floored me the MOST about my interview was the education I got on Pinterest and that they consider themselves a search tool, not a social media site! Cynthia shared her favorite WordPress plugin for Pinterest, the Pinterest “Pin It” Button by Phil Derksen (link below as well), and why she likes this plugin the most.
*side note*
With the sharing of content via social media being able to dictate meta information for your images is HUGELY valuable!

I don’t want to give away the full interview in the post, so be sure to listen to the entire show for all of Cynthia’s fantastic tips!

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