Photography & WordPress with Scott Wyden Kivowitz of Imagely WPCP: 172

Scott Wyden Kivowitz- WPCP- 172

I know I keep saying this, but this is one of those interviews that probably should have happened sooner. I’ve been following Scott Wyden Kivowitz for a while and finally reached out to have him on the show. Scott works for Imagely, formerly known as Photocrati. If you’re not familiarScott-Wyden-Kivowitz with Imagely, it’s the premier company supporting photographers with WordPress. You’re probably familiar with one of their most popular plugins, NextGen Gallery. I remember when Photocrati purchased NextGen Gallery. It had been the first (and more or less my go-to) gallery plugin anytime I created a site that needed an image gallery.

Questions I Asked Scott

  1. Before we talk about your role at Imagely, can you share your backstory?
  2. What is your current role at Imagely?
  3. Can you share the transition from Photocrati to Imagely?
  4. What is the focus at Imagely?
  5. How does Imagely market & drive their business?
  6. Can you share a little bit about the new acquisition?
  7. What’s coming next for Imagely?


What You’re Going to Learn

  • What Scott does as the Chief Community Officer for Imagely
  • What plugins and themes Imagely sells for Photographers
  • How Scott gathers feedback in multiple places
  • Where Scott gets his post and content ideas from
  • What the WP Photography Podcast does for the business
  • How Scott organizes his content ideas
  • Why Imagely decided to acquire another company
  • The new partnership with Imagify

Where to Connect with Scott

Website | Imagely | Podcast | Facebook

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