Pat Flynn and Testing Your Ideas – Will it Fly? WPCP: 092

Pat Flynn Will it Fly

To say I had a blast on this interview would be an understatement.

This interview came about from a Skype call I was having with a friend. We were talking about Pat’s new book, “Will It Fly” and I thought, “duh! I should ask him to be on the show to share his book!”

I tweeted to him and we had the interview a month later. 🙂

Listening to Pat’s podcast, The Smart Passive Income podcast, is the reason I launched my podcast. I loved the fact that I could take Pat with me when I went to the gym or grocery store. I’ve always been a huge fan of audiobooks so when I started listening to podcasts it was a perfect fit!

Initially, when I started listening to the SPI podcast it was only once a month (yep, I’ve been listening that long) so I was thrilled when it became a weekly show.

Pat Flynn & Will It Fly

Regardless of whether or not you’re just getting started in your business or you’ve been in business for a while, Pat’s new book, Will It Fly, can help you determine whether or not your idea for growing your business is viable.

The book provides tangible steps (along with great stories) to see if what you want to do will work as well as being in alignment with your personal ‘Why’.
And because Pat tends to over-deliver with everything he does, there’s also a companion course (free) that will walk you through the book and steps.

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Questions I Asked Pat Flynn: 

  • What compelled you to write the book?
  • What do the listeners get with the book?
  • What was the plugin idea that you had?
  • What would you recommend to someone who is starting out brand new to build their audience?
  • How do you work through your own ideas to pick the ‘right’ one?
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Things You’ll Learn from this Podcast:

  • How you can align what is going on inside with what you should be doing for a living
  • How Pat approached writing his book
  • Some exercises on how to get clear on your idea
  • Pat’s $15,000 loss/learning experience
  • How to learn the three P’s of your audience
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Where to Connect with Pat

Website | Twitter | Facebook


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  1. Excellent interview! In fact, based on this, I added Will it Fly to my weekly mailing as a must-read recommendation. Looking forward to it myself.


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