Overwhelm or Clarity?


I’ve tried my fair share of organizational tools, to-do-lists, apps…. you name it.

Not a surprise, I know (me & my tools).

My daily to-do list of choice is the Bear app (Mac only I believe). It’s similar to Evernote but is simpler for basic lists/notes. I’m sure there’s probably more to Bear than I’m using, but I’m happy with my process.

The funny thing is that I inevitably come back to basics (I’m getting that this is a little bit of a theme in my business and life). It helps when I can get things out of my head and onto paper (or into my tool of choice), but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.

I was feeling this yesterday when I did a brain dump. I started at the highest level (overview, not a breakdown of the smaller tasks). The problem was that after I did the brain dump I felt a little… stuck?

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I wasn’t quite sure where to start.

bear to-do list

In this overview, you can see that most of the tasks are broad (or general). I didn’t get into individual tasks. I’ve already started details on some of these tasks (I’ve done a very ugly wireframe of the ‘Start here’ page for WPChick) and I’ve got a calendar and have mapped out the pre-launch for LeadSurveys.

Let me be very clear with this list…

This is not my to-do list for this week. I’d have to skip sleeping to get this completed this week (especially since I’ll be offline all day Thursday with my mentor).

This is so I can get this stuff out of my head and into action.

So my overwhelm led to clarity.

There’s so much power in getting things OUT of your head.. .whether that’s on paper or having a conversation with someone.

Digging in and doing the work is required, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Which is why you really need to listen to the latest episode of the podcast, with Troy Dean.

This was the 3rd time I’ve had Troy on the show and it just keeps getting better.

The conversation took a completely different direction (it was awesome) and only made me love him more.

We went from talking about the future of WordPress businesses to pricing to mindset and believing in an abundant universe.

Listen to my latest conversation with Troy Dean here

Now I’m off to dig into that list!

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