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Organic Facebook Marketing

As someone who has done more organic marketing than paid traffic, when I first came across Ben Perry and his Organic Facebook Marketing I was immediately intrigued. I think the ideal situation is organic with a paid strategy, but when you’re first getting started (or rebooting things), then having an organic strategy in place is a must.

The beauty of a good organic strategy is also that you’re getting data without having to pay (at least monetarily, you’re going to have to pay with your time, because just like anything else, growing a business organically takes work and time).

I connected with Ben through is Facebook Group, Organic Marketing Secrets.

What I loved instantly about Ben was his willingness to show up, every day, and do the work.

Questions I Asked Ben

  1. Tell us about your background (what were you doing before starting your online business)
  2. When you joined the military was your intention to have a long-term career?
  3. Have you found that when you share your story it connects you more with people?
  4. Where did you start with internet marketing?
  5. What made you decide to go into organic Facebook marketing?
  6. Let’s talk about Facebook Live. What are your insights around this medium?
  7. Why do you think people hesitate to show up?
In essence, I saw my freedom taken away. - Ben Perry Click to Tweet

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How his daughter’s cancer diagnosis drove him to re-enlist in the military
  • How Ben went from being discharged from the military to a thriving online business
  • The initial product (person) that inspired Ben at 16 to get into marketing (and is where he picked up after he left the military)
  • How jumping full force into Facebook in 2013 forced Ben to cash out his military retirement so he could work with a mentor
  • How Ben used the GI bill to pay for school and support him while he was completing school and immersing himself in marketing and sales
I didn’t see my life as falling apart, I saw it as falling into place. - Ben Perry Click to Tweet

Where to Connect with Ben

Website | Facebook Group

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  1. Judy Helm Wright on October 18, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Hello from beautiful Montana,
    Thanks so much for caring and sharing. This is great information and just what I was looking for. As in most things, it is always a wonderful coincidence and serendipitous timing.

    In peace,
    Judy Helm Wright–Author/blogger/Intuitive Wise Woman

    • Kim Doyal on October 23, 2017 at 9:56 am

      Hi Judy,
      My pleasure! Glad you found it helpful.
      🙂 Kim

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