Online Course Creation Doesn't Have to Be Difficult


Remember a couple weeks ago when I shared Teachery with you?


I still like it.

I haven’t changed my mind on that. It was super easy to get my Thrive Opt-in course uploaded in about 30 min (then I decided to re-do the videos because Thrive has had so many updates since I did these videos a few months ago. This is the love/hate relationship for anyone who creates training around technology).

But I still kind of feel like something isn’t quite right.


I also have my WP Genesis for Beginners product in a WP membership site, using Wishlist.

Well… since that site isn’t something I’m promoting (I’m thinking of giving that course away… although those videos really need updating… one thing at a time), its been a little neglected (it’s nothing fancy. Clean Genesis theme with no customization).

I gave some access to that material only to realize the site had been hacked and none of the videos were accessible

I do have all those videos in Kajabi (not for long… I’ve definitely made the decision that I’m not renewing Kajabi in December) but don’t want to give access to that platform only to have to move people.


(I’m feeling a little bit whiney… bear with me, my ‘poor me’ session is almost over).

Now I’m looking at Thinkific….

It has more of the same feel as Kajabi, but the pricing structure of Teachery (although they do have a transaction fee, Teachery doesn’t).

I know there are plenty of membership plugins for WordPress, but the all in one solution feels easier (remember, I’m all about simplifying things).

Of course that was before I started going through Troy Dean’s Rockstar Empires training.

I’m going through the training (and will have a video for you next week) because I want to launch a podcast course.

I know there is a lot of podcast training out there, but so much of it focuses on the technical side and equipment.

The problem with that is that the technical side of podcasting is sort of ‘set it and forget’ (until you’re ready to upgrade).

Podcasting is really about connecting, building relationships, creating influence, and building an audience. Which feels so intangible but it’s soooooo worth it.

I digress….

This isn’t about a podcast course.

It’s about how Troy has set up his Rockstar Empire training.

I absolutely LOVE the way the whole thing is set up.

I don’t know how deeply I could do the community side of things…. but the ease of use with this course is amazing.

I’m shifting gears in my business to training, courses, podcasting and coaching (in 2017 I’ll┬ábe cutting way back on the web services side of things)… and I know Troy is just the person to help me grow this!

Check out Rockstar Empires Here

And as a side note….

Regardless of whether you want to start courses now or later, I’d suggest opt-ing in and observing the process. Remember I told you I followed Ben Settle for about a year before buying… you can learn a ton simply by paying attention.

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