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I had a conversation with a friend a couple of nights ago that spurred today’s podcast.

Story Fireside Chat

The easiest way to share the conversation with you is going to be via story, which will probably be best understood by listening to the show, but I’ll give you the story behind all this so you get a good feeling for what the show is about (if you can’t listen to it right now).

Once upon a time…

Kidding. (I don’t know what it is lately that I feel this incessant need to amuse myself.)

I don’t think I’ve shared this part of my story before, so this will be new to everyone (yes, I know I’m redundant and repeat myself often). What lit a fire within me to get an online business started was actually a Real Estate Wealth Expo I attended in San Francisco maybe 7 years ago (don’t remember the exact date). Prior to that I had heard a little bit about Internet Marketing on a CD program I had bought by Mark Victor Hansen (one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul guys). There was an internet marketer who talked about online business and making money with information products, which I had never heard of before!

People making money selling downloadable digital products???

Being the information whore junkie that I am, I was hooked immediately. And let me just say that at this point in time the ONLY thing I did with computers was email and games, and I’m not talking role playing games. I’m talking solitaire (didn’t know I was such a wiz, did you?).

So when I heard what this guy was talking about… Pay Per Click, Title tags, heading tags, copy, sales pages, merchant accounts… it was literally like hearing a foreign language somehow it was melodic, like hearing Andre’ Boccelli sing. I have no idea what he’s saying, but I love it. Something about what he was saying struck a nerve in me.

Back to the Real Estate Wealth Expo.

There were some big keynote speakers there, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki to name a few. I’ve read them all.. remember, I was a Tony Robbins convert at the ripe old age of 22… which is what lead me down the path of entrepreneurship (I’ve since moved on from all the motivational guru’s… I have a much gentler approach these days). Besides the keynote speaker sessions you could attend these little side sessions and the topics varied, but needless to say one of the side sessions was on Online Business and Internet Marketing.

Here’s the short version: The guy wrote an ebook on Halloween parties for kids. Put up a sales page. Made around $8-9k a month with it. Easy Peasy! (tell me you’re chuckling at this point because you probably know where this is going). My friend and I invested in his $1295 program, packed full of CD’s and spiral bound training manuals. And since I consider 2008 the year I started my business and this was in 2006, you can probably guess not much happened with this “fabulous special offer” we purchased. It was part the quality and support but more than anything it was execution (and confidence… on our part).

Fast forward a couple of years to 2008 when I started my business. This Business. That I love and adore and am grateful everyday that I get to do something I enjoy so much.

My First Time.
(no, not that first time! get your mind out of the gutter…)

WordPress Install

I can still remember the first time I installed WordPress.

Oh. My. God.

It was a manual install (ie, no one-click fantastico or quick install set up) and I had to go get my neighbor, who works at home for a major bank doing networking (or something) for the trading floor, to ask him what the hell a root folder was??? I was using the WordPress for Dummies book and had NO idea what that meant (see why I like pictures so much???).

Obviously we got it figured out (four hours later) and moved onto the next steps.

Here’s where the conversation with my friend comes in.

She wanted to start an online business too. She had the same knowledge and skill set I had at the time, which was zero.

The difference?


I honestly can’t tell you how many different sites I’ve put up for her over the past 5 1/2 years. Once I found WordPress and “The WordPress Chick” I knew I was in it for the long haul. And the first couple of years when I was still getting comfortable doing what I’m doing I didn’t mind putting up new sites for her. Over and over. And then telling her she needed to start writing.

She’s been through some very difficult years in between then and now and I’m beyond impressed with her tenacity to survive. But I often wonder where she would be had she stuck with ONE idea. Just ONE. We all have ideas and most of us (I’m assuming) like the idea phase. Like coming up with brilliant plans, products and services that we think will make a difference. The problem is that they’re worth nothing if we don’t execute on them.

Even if the product or service flops.

Who you become and what you learn in the process makes all the difference in the world.

Unfortunately for my friend she’s had a situation come up where she’s injured herself and can’t continue doing the work she was doing (which is what she did for the prior 25+ years and didn’t want to keep doing). When she called me the other night the conversation was about what she could do to earn money online NOW. Which, I’m sure comes as no surprise, I couldn’t really answer.

Without having an audience, a site, subscribers… you’d better have lots of money to drive traffic to something. Of course if the “something” you’re thinking of is affiliate marketing, I’ve got bad news for you there too.

Affiliate marketing payouts don’t happen until the month after you’ve made the sale. Sometimes longer. And you’ll still need money to drive traffic to the offer, and we haven’t even talked about whether or not you’re the one setting up any of the squeeze pages, sales pages or offers.

Conundrum, huh?

Online Business

I still believe with every ounce of my being that an online business is viable and one of the BEST ways to build a business today. But there is SO much that goes into building an online business! There will always be the slick salesman ready to pounce on the person who is desperate to make a change in their life and create the financial freedom that so many of us are seeking. I really don’t want to get into a rant about that type of marketer, because I think that model is less effective than it used to be. Social Media and a desire for transparency has shifted things.

But here’s the deal.

The REAL deal.

ANY business  – online or offline, requires WORK. You HAVE to show up and do the work.

Think about it this way.
If you had an idea to open a sandwich shop, would you find the location, sign the lease, order the menus and start building your shop and then 3 months in decide you’d rather have a yogurt shop?



But people do this ALL the time with online businesses. They want to feel “passionate” about what they’re doing. I get it, I do too. But your “passion” may not have a market. Take the time to define what type of business you want to build and then FRIGGIN COMMIT to it.

And speaking of Commit…

I found this AWESOME app called “Commit” by Nathan Barry. It’s a whopping $2.99, but SO worth it! You make a commitment to do something every day and set a reminder to ask you if you did it. I’ve set a few and am LOVING it. Simple. Easy. And of course it looks good.

I was going to do a post with this image. And only this image, but then the tone of today’s episode seemed perfect for this message.


And whatever you do, stick with it!


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  1. Dear Kim,
    You have no idea how inspiring and encouraging your last podcast has been to me! Starting with that fantastic Disney song I had not heard again since I was with my son at Disney Paris almost ten years ago! We loved it!

    I have enjoyed your podcast so much, I was listening and nodding thinking Yes, yes, yes. In fact, today first thing in the morning I have purchased your Genesis for Beginners course. Called to action!! You encourage us who are starting new projects and new ways of living, even when we are not “that” young to be starting new careers (or so many people say!) but I have just lately discovered WordPress and web designing and I am enjoying it so much that I really want to keep on this track and keep learning and make a living out of it eventually. And yes, I have also been through it the hard way, but it is so rewarding when at last things turn out right! I started building my site with Thesis (, and then I switched to Genesis and build a site for a friend, (this one is not completely finished yet, All this just last year. I am going to build another one this autumn for another friend and I will use Genesis too, that is why I think your course will be very helpful and will take me further.

    I am also looking forward the October “Commitment” project!

    I will keep listening to you!
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Cristina,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! It means a lot to me to hear that the podcast is inspiring and encouraging…I really love doing and I was hoping that it would allow me to connect with people on a different level.
      And thanks for buying my Genesis product too! šŸ˜‰

      Your site, and the one you’re working on, look great! You’ve definitely found something you’re very good at and seem to enjoy. Kudos to you. SO glad you’ve joined the Challenge too! I’m really excited about that as well.
      Thanks again Cristina,

  2. Hi Kim!
    This episode is one of the most valuable podcasts I have ever heard! I listen to Pat Flynn, Fizzle Show, Hal Elrod, and some others, and found you today searching for advice on WordPress sites in the apple podcast app.

    First, I LOVE your name in the logo. It is always important for me to know who I am investing time in. Second, It is refreshing to hear A WOMAN sharing fresh, valuable information about on-line business!!
    I am a Pilates instructor in Las Vegas, NV and use WordPress for my business site, AM Pilates & Posture. I have been working on building a niche site around pregnancy Pilates being that I created and teach a certification course to other Pilates instructors on how to teach pregnant and postpartum clients. The only issue I had was that I had never been pregnant, and I didn’t feel I had the credibility to build on the niche.

    When I started researching pregancy Pilates in 2008, we were trying to get pregnant with no success, until now! And I am currently 5 mo. Pregnant (after having adopted 2 children)!
    I recently “started” a blog called “Hug the Baby”-a term I use to describe how to support the growing fetus with the abdominals, but have been struggling BIG TIME with the launch process out of a purely perfectionistic attitude.

    After listening to Episode 16, I am committing to launching my site by Monday evening, March 16th
    Thank you so much for your motivation and information!! You are now on my ‘top podcasts to listen to’ list!!
    Alison B. Marsh

    1. Hi Alison,
      Thank you SO Much for the wonderful comment! You made my day! šŸ™‚
      First, congratulations on the pregnancy! That is SUPER exciting! And your little one will have two awesome siblings there to welcome them too!

      I’m thrilled for you that you’re going to launch your site. It’s SO easy to get caught up in making things perfect, I get that. What I’ve come to realize though (and this seems so obvious now) is that the easiest way to get it right is simply through doing it. I’ve caught myself in the trap of over thinking things, spending WAY too much time defining who my target audience is, analyzing, etc. when in reality the fastest way to build your audience is to show up. Put your ‘thing’ out into the world and stick with it.
      I’m not saying that it’s not important to have a strategy, target or avatar of who you’re talking to, but nothing beats hitting ‘publish’ and sharing it. šŸ™‚

      Congratulations again on everything!
      Would love to see the site when you launch – I’m happy to share it!
      p.s. I LOVE Pilates!

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