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I have a little confession to make before we get into the podcast with Chris Mason of WooCurve.

One of the products sold through WooCurve, Handsome Checkout, was something I had thought about creating with my LeadSurveys business partner, Gordan, about a year and a half ago. Then we pivoted to LeadSurveys (which is good because I’m super excited about LeadSurveys, but that’s another conversation).Chris Mason

Needless to say, WooCurve has created two amazing products for WooCommerce users that are long overdue.

One-click upsells and Handsome Checkout.

What was most exciting about talking with Chris for me (besides the fact that he has amazing products), is that Chris is a marketer first. He’s the marketing mind behind WooCurve and speaks my language when it comes to direct response marketing (my most recent obsession).

Let’s jump into the interview.

Questions I Asked Chris

  1. What were you doing pre-WooCurve?
  2. First, I love that you created WooCurve and the two products you guys sell. Can you explain One-click upsells and Handsome Checkout for the listeners?
  3. How long has WooCurve been around?
  4. What was the process for getting your WooCurve products developed?
  5. Who is WooCurve for?
  6. Can you share any of your customer’s success stories with your products?
  7. What’s coming for WooCurve?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • How they ran a beta to test the product
  • Who they targeted for their beta version
  • How they decided what payment gateways to integrate with
  • What features they decided to run with when they launched
  • What the ‘proof element’ is
  • What Chris would recommend to someone getting started with online marketing


Where to Connect With Chris

Website | Facebook 

Links from this episode


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One-Click Upsells

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