Non-Douchey Marketing: A Conversation With Allegra Sinclair, Part 1 KDS: 037


Non-douchey marketing.

How do you like that for a title?

This conversation came out of an amazing article I read by Amanda Bond called “The Real Reason Facebook Ads Have Stopped Working”… and it’s AH-MAZING.

My dear friend, Allegra Sinclair joined me on the podcast to talk about all things marketing. Where we’re frustrated, how the marketplace is changing, and all kinds of other juicy stuff.

We started off by talking about being disappointed in the recent Kajabi event (IMPACT), which we both thought we would attend, but then saw the speaker lineup and were both disappointed.

Disappointed in the sense that it seemed like it was the same speakers (guru’s) that speak at most of the events, as opposed to featuring people that are more relatable. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand needing to have names and keynote speakers to draw people to an event, but I also want to hear about the everyday person who has reached success and is more relatable.

I want someone who I feel like I can see myself in their story. @AllegraSinclair Click to Tweet

Topics we discussed:

  • Old school marketers who are trying to jump into ‘authenticity’, after years of bs marketing
  • Sharing the challenges in business, even when you’ve ‘made it’
  • Knowing your audience and serving them where they’re at
  • How to talk to your audience like they matter
  • How successful people run businesses (hint: it’s not spammy internet marketing tactics)
  • The questions you need to answer before you start jumping into funnels

We also went pretty deep with people getting clear on who they are and what they want.

So many people are struggling with who they are because there’s so much noise online. They jump around from tactic to tactic and never build a solid foundation so everything they launch falls flat.

It’s disheartening.

No, I'm fabulous right now. How about you talk to me right here? @AllegraSinclair Click to Tweet

When we started talking about what’s working in the marketing space we talked about what sounds like it should be working and the execution of getting that thing to actually work.

The ‘talking at people’ because you think it’s aspirational and they’re going to want to rise to the occasion and meet you there, which is where I got Allegra’s brilliant tweet above (“No, I’m fabulous right now. How about you talk to me right here?”).

Stay tuned for part 2 next week.

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