Nightmare Clients and Growing Your Business with Erin Flynn WPCP: 136

Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn has mastered something we’ve ALL encountered at one time or another… how to deal with nightmare clients.

Not only does she help you grow your freelance business but how about how to handle those clients that make you want to quit what you’re doing? (Kinda makes you want to send her a virtual hug already, doesn’t it?).

I was fortunate to connect to Erin through a mutual friend, Curtis McHale (who I had on the podcast a couple of months ago). Erin does a lot more than just help you deal with nightmare clients (although of course, that was one of the things I had to delve deeper into. We’ve ALL been there and have that crazy story of working with someone that made our lives a living hell). Erin has built up her own business (design and websites) and is growing it through a membership program (which she has a free membership also) and courses. I love it.

Erin has been involved in web design since she was 13 and building Sailor Moon fan sites (the beauty ofErin Flynn growing up with technology, huh?). After college, she went out and got a job (like we’re all ‘supposed’ to do) and ended up hating it. She hated it so much that she literally just quit one day (something I know many people would love to be able to do). Fortunately, she’s figured out the freelancing space and is sharing her knowledge and skills with other people so you can avoid some of the mistakes she’s made. She’s now transitioning to an agency and has tons of training available to help you grow your business and position yourself as an expert.

Questions I Asked Erin

  1. I always want to know what led someone down the entrepreneurial path. Have you always worked for yourself?
  2. What brought you here?
  3. What is your current business?
  4. You have courses & workshops, did you start with services?
  5. Let’s talk about Nightmare Clients.
    1. What made you decide to offer help with this?
    2. I love the “screen, prevent, fire”… can you explain what that is?
  6. You also have a membership for growing your business. Can you share a little bit about the Unstoppable Expedition?
  7. What would you recommend to someone who wants to start a membership?
  8. What’s on the horizon for you this year?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Erin approaches everything in her business
  • How a conversation on Twitter turned into a community on Facebook
  • How her communication skills led to her first product that sold a few hundred right out the gate
  • Why positioning yourself as the expert is key when starting a new project
  • Why Erin thinks you should work with a couple nightmare clients (hint: boundaries)
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Where to Connect with Erin

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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