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Theme of The Crop

Building a business with WordPress can feel a little challenging at times.

As websites become more of a commodity it can feel a little like an uphill battle when you build websites with WordPress (and is personally one of the reasons I’m not doing service work anymore). I’ve said for a long time that I still believe there are great opportunities in the WordPress space to build a solid, profitable business.

But it’s going to look different than it did a few years ago.

With more people ‘building’ WordPress websites (I use the term ‘builder’ instead of developer because there are so many tools available to make this process easier that you really don’t have to be a developer to build sites for people anymore), it’s imperative that you carve out your own niche within this market.

If you’re a ‘builder’ or developer, I still think the documentation space is wide open. There are plenty of things you can create training and content around that can provide a great income, provided you stick with it and market it consistently (there’s the magic word, right? It’s all about consistency).

Today’s guest has done just that with his business.Nate Wright

He’s picked a niche within this space and has created products (themes and plugins) that are specific to one niche.

The Restaurant & Bar space.

Nate Wright of Theme of the Crop joined me to talk about how he’s niched down within WordPress and where he’s headed.

Questions I Asked Nate

  1. Before we get into Theme of The Crop, what brought you here? What were you doing before you launched this?
  2. Can you explain to the listeners what Theme of The Crop is and what differentiates your themes and plugins from everyone else?
  3. What made you decide to focus on restaurants, cafe’s and bars?
  4. What was it like to take on something like online reservations when there are companies out there like Open Table who are established in that space?
  5. How do you market your business?
  6. What would you recommend to someone who wants to niche down in the WordPress space the way you’ve done?
  7. What’s coming this year for Theme of the Crop?

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Nate’s job as a journalist helped him realize what he didn’t like doing
  • How rejection through a popular theme marketplace drove him to build his own shop
  • How long it took Nate to sell his first theme (and why he stuck with it)
  • Who Nate’s target audience is… and why it’s not simply ‘any restaurant’ owner (he’s drilled even deeper into his niche)
  • How he’s used the plugin repository to grow his premium plugins
  • Why Nate is focusing more on content and marketing
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Where to Connect with Nate

Website | Twitter


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