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Automation in Business

I first jumped into Pinterest in late 2011 when I saw Brian Gardner mention it (founder of StudioPress… good guy, I like his writing). It took me a little bit of time to wrap my head around it, but I fell in love with it pretty quickly.

It was a great way to find new things, look at places I wanted to visit, crafts I ‘might do’ someday, and heels I’d never wear (but could appreciate. I hate wearing heals).

When I started sharing content on Pinterest I also started paying attention to what was happening with 3rd party tools (I’m always amazed at how quickly people get these things out) and came across a tool called ‘Pinerly’ (anyone remembers it?).

I loved how easy it was to schedule Pins and get data on what was working. It was the worlds first Pinterest Dashboard (and later an ad platform for Pinterest). Because I loved it so much I created a ‘how-to’ post accompanied by a PDF with step-by-step instructions showing people how to use it (odd fact: I really love creating these types of PDFs… I think because I always want screenshots and instructions when I use a new tool and it isn’t obvious. I’m playing with the idea of doing this for ManyChat…).


The guys from Pinerly were super appreciative and reached out to me. We chatted and they shared my post quite a bit. They were also located in the Bay Area at the time and I always intended to go meet them in person.

Unfortunately, their ad network was blocked by Pinterest, and then when Pinterest released an ad network and analytics it was hard for them to sustain Pinerly.

Fast forward to yesterday and I got an email from the founder, Vlad. He asked if I remembered him (of course I did) and shared something new they’ve been working on.

They’ve spent a year and a half building a new product that focuses on increasing lead generation for Stories! We’re chatting later this week and he’s going to show me the platform. It also lets you enter a URL and create a story directly in seconds.

What excites me most about this is that I tend to look at stories more often than the IG feed (I don’t do much with FB stories, which is interesting considering I spend most of my time on FB) and I’m not always ‘in the mood’ to create stories (but know how valuable they are).

You’ll be hearing more about this after I’ve spoken with him because of course, I’ll want to do a live stream with him.

Speaking of live streams…

Tomorrow I’m hosting a live stream with Kronda Adair in Content Creators.

Automation in your business

It’s a topic we ALL want to get better at when it comes to our businesses.


Kronda is brilliant when it comes to setting up automation in your business.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • The mindset you need to embrace in order to get more efficient and save up to 20 hours a month
  • How to identify repetitive tasks that can be automated. this is the most important step to ensure that you aren’t wasting your time.
  • The tools that will allow you to automate tasks without needing to know a bunch of fancy tech.

I’m really looking forward to this because I could definitely use some more automation in my business.

This will be streamed into Content Creators only, so be sure to join the group today:

The live stream is Tuesday, September 11th at 11:00 am PST. If you miss it you can catch the replay in the group under ‘videos’ (we have a lot of great trainings like this, all free).

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