My Unintended Break & A Return to An Old Tool

unintended break

There must be some sort of universal law that applies to our lives when we make bold claims.

Or something that happens subconsciously (that we do to ourselves) when we decide to own something. My guess is this is completely dictated by ego.

(side note: I just got hit with a cartoon image of having an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other)

I will preface this by saying nothing major has happened that is sending me sideways, but I’ve found myself being challenged with a few old beliefs that I didn’t really realize were so ingrained within.

My ‘unintended break’ is referring to email (not my business or life, although when I recently reached out to a friend because I hadn’t seen her on Facebook I have to admit that I was a little envious of her saying she took a social media break for a couple of weeks). The crazy thing about email for me is that it was something I fought for a long time in my business.

Not because I didn’t see the value, but because I hadn’t found my voice and didn’t really feel the conviction in myself the way I do today.

I fell in love with email a few years ago when I made a commitment to myself that I was going to do it ‘almost daily’.

And it worked.

And I loved it.

So what happened?

Life. Plain and simple.

Life happens, we do our best to move through whatever is thrown our way and then we get back at it. Instead of getting in my head about what it’s going to look like (or feel like) to get back into emailing frequently, I made the decision to just do it today.

Open ConvertKit and start typing.

While there are plenty of reasons I can come up with (launching a new brand, family stuff, traveling), the bottom line is “it is what it is.”

Time to jump back in.

My ‘bold claim’ that I was referring to at the opening of this email was about all the clarity I’ve been claiming to have found. Both in my business and my life.

I’m crystal clear on the space I’m in now (content marketing) and everything we’ve created with the planner. What all that looks like for my personal brand is going to be changing and evolving over the next few months (in other words, this is where I haven’t been clear).

Fortunately, I know myself well enough now to know that I get clear through doing the work.

The last thing I need is to make more plans for things.

Or for the LOVE OF GOD, to spend more time on tools to help me do the work.

I have no doubt there will be some more waffling throughout this year as things unfold and get clearer… and I’m O.K. with that.

I’m grateful I enjoy the work and that’s enough.

The Return to An Old Tool

I did not see this coming… but man, I am stoked!

The tool I’m referring to is CoSchedule.

I was an early adopter of CoSchedule and then kind of cut off my nose to spite my face a couple of years ago (I won’t bore you with that story).

I have been testing and trying everything under the sun (I still use MissingLettr and love it) but nothing has worked for me as well as CoSchedule did. When I realized they still had their solopreneur plan (if you look at their pricing page it’s a little sneaky… it’s a link as opposed to being listed on the pricing table) I knew I had to jump back in.

I also jumped at the chance to do the on-boarding call and was blown away at the updates and changes to the platform! WOOHOO! I honestly think using the planner and CoSchedule is going to be a magical combination!

I’ll be doing an in-depth post after I’ve really gotten back into it, but let me just say I feel relieved.

Speaking of feeling relieved…

I also had Troy Dean back on the podcast (pretty sure this was the 4th time). This time though I wanted to go behind-the-scenes with what he’s built and what he would do differently (surprise: he would have started the Mastermind, Mavericks Club first).

Listen to “Behind the Scenes with Troy Dean KDS: 033” here

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