My First Troll in a while… I think

internet troll

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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any sort of troll like comment or email response.

I can’t say that I’ve been ‘waiting’ for this, but I had a feeling it would come eventually. When you remove emotions from things you can often boil it down to a numbers game.

I have X amount of subscribers, I’m getting some great feedback on my daily emails so I was bound to get some negative response or message (outside of the ‘unsubscribe’, because I don’t view that as negative. Simply part of online marketing).

Before I share the weird message (I say weird because when you read it you’ll see that it doesn’t make sense… I think I know what he was trying to say but that’s not what he wrote), I have a smidge of a rant.

I talk about this on the podcast for tomorrow because this topic is coming up a lot lately.

Remember my story last week about the person who wanted a ‘credit’ for the hours she didn’t use?

Well, when I said “no, that wasn’t going to work”, here was part of the response I received:

“I’m quite surprised you did not think my request fair given all the extra $$ I’ve paid every month for years. Oh well.”

Victim much?

I haven’t responded yet.

I’ve got this little battle going on inside… respond with a simple “O.K.” (my ego is fighting this tooth & nail), or come up with a Ben Settle-like response but in my own words (Life’s not fair pumpkin… you not using what you paid for is your responsibility, not mine).

I doubt I’ll respond with that (if this person was a complete stranger I would go that route).

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Here’s the irony with this individual…

They create websites for the spiritual community (also their angle with their own business).

I do think I will reply, but not until I know it’s coming from the right place.

There’s a fine line between stating a fact and then getting into a snarky email exchange that will just get under my skin.

So…. my rant…

Actually, let’s change that from a rant to a simple statement:

“Learning to accept responsibility for everything in your life is a game changer.”

Which is what brings me to my weird email.

My sort of troll…

I say sort of because he wasn’t nasty, but this idea that some telling me “I’ll unsubscribe” is going to make me change how I do things? Silly.

Scroll yourself on down to the bottom of the email and simply unsubscribe.

Why do people get so bent out of shape about this?

O.K., here’s the email:

email subscriber troll

What does that even mean?

I assume he meant to say “Same with this – if I don’t want these I will unsubscribe” …

Which he doesn’t have to worry about, I unsubscribed him.

How is it people forget they chose to opt-in?

I completely get that the direction I’m going in may not be why people originally subscribed. I don’t write about Genesis anymore, I enjoy the marketing side of WordPress more than the code side (O.K…. I never really enjoyed the code side) and that might not be for everyone.

This daily email thing isn’t going to be something that everyone wants. No problem.

What I can tell you is that daily writing works.

The fact that I’ve been able to go from maybe sending a couple emails a month to creating something new everyday… blows my mind.

I’m working on a post about what this has done for my site, my business and me (personally). Coming up with what to write about used to be hard.

Not anymore.

One thing I’ve said over and over to people who feel stuck about what to write about is to simply share their journey.

What you’re working on, the client projects, the tools you use, the challenges and wins in your business… you get it.

But you can still get stuck.

I get that.

Which is why I’m sharing my friend Christine’s Biz Soul Sessions with you today.

How much easier would it be to create /write if you received a writing prompt in your inbox?

All it takes is 10 minutes a day.

You’ve heard me say over and over again (at least on the podcast), that the easiest way to differentiate yourself online is to simply BE YOURSELF!

Christine will help you do that!

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  1. Hey, Kim. Great post!

    I’ve just started listening to Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” (I’m sure you’ve read/heard it, too).

    His very first principle – Principle #1 – speaks to this EXACTLY. “Take 100% responsibility for your life”.

    He goes on to say: “Don’t blame, complain, or make excuses” (I like to rhyme it w: don’t blame, complain, or explain)… EVER. Not an easy thing to do. I think it’s even a habit for many!

    I’m working on it! 😉

    1. Hi Sandi,
      Thanks! And yes, I have read it (got the book signed & saw him speak through a Learning Annex event in SF when it first came out… there were only like 30 of us in the room. Pretty cool).
      Now of course I want to go back & read it.

      There’s something really freeing about the ‘take 100% responsibility for your life’ principle. If you’re 100% responsible it means you can do something about it.

      And I LOVE your version. Not explaining myself has been hard (I can’t go because… No, that won’t work because… Instead of “thank you, I can’t make it”… which is why I don’t think I’m going to engage with the person re: the outsourcing).

      Thanks friend!

  2. I have come across a few who what their money back, for some silly reason or the other. Those are usually not very good customers anyway. And while in some circumstances there is nothing wrong with making the request, the problem often is how they ask, and their response to a “no” answer.

    1. Hi Christian,
      Yea, it’s all in the ask :-). People go on the defense too quickly.
      Instead of owning that it was their responsibility they become accusatory. And I agree.. they’re not usually very good customers anyways.

  3. Hi Kim,

    Yeah unfortunately most people refuse to take responsibility for their actions. I’ve purchased a lot of courses online. I’ve never asked for my money back, because I can honestly say I’ve always picked up pieces of information that has helped me.

    Unfortunately, most people are looking for easy overnight success. We all know that isn’t going to happen.

    Have a great Saturday!

    1. Thanks Susan,
      The only time I’ve asked for my money back was when something didn’t work (meaning a plugin). I always reach out to support to see if we can get it working, but if it doesn’t work then I simply ask for a refund (and I don’t get snarky about it).
      It’s fascinating in this online space that people assume launching and growing a business will be easy, won’t cost money and they don’t need to put in the time & effort.

      I honestly think a lot of that is changing though. The space is maturing & competition is greater. At the end of the day though it’s not the responsibility of the product creator (or coach/mentor) to make sure everything else is in place (solid foundation).
      It’s certainly interesting.

  4. I wonder if it was a simple misunderstanding with the email reply? When I read that email my mind immediately assumed he was forwarding your emails to someone and possibly went to send a second one (yours) but instead of hitting forward, he hit reply and maybe asked his friend “if you don’t want these, I’ll unsubscribe”. The statement “same with this” might just have been referring to something else he wrote in the previous email.
    To me it just seemed like he was talking to someone else and in mid convo…but I have an overactive imagination 🙂

    1. Hi Linda,
      You’re totally right… it could have been a misunderstanding but I guess I would have assumed that he would have addressed the person he was forwarding it to? You never know though and I appreciate another perspective (maybe I’m a little too sensitive? 🙂 )
      Thanks so much,

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