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It’s clear I’m getting a wee bit excited about chatbots.

I won’t inundate you guys with too much at once, but when you listen to this interview with Matt Staton & Matt Tims of Botpreneur you’ll understand why I’m so excited. I haven’t figured out the right combination of how and when I’m using bots, but I’m determined to find what works best for myself and my audience.

Remember, chatbots create a conversation (when done correctly).

That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to Matt & Matt about.

Questions I Asked

  1. What were you both doing before collaborating on Botpreneur?
  2. What made you decide to jump into bot and Messenger marketing?
  3. What made you choose ManyChat for your go-to tool?
  4. Where do you see people using bots most successfully?
  5. What would you recommend to people who want to start using bots?
  6. How are people driving traffic to Messenger marketing outside of Facebook pages?
  7. What’s coming for you guys & Botpreneur?
Even if your audience has never touched Messenger or a bot before there's really nothing in that process that they haven't encountered before. - Matt TimsClick To Tweet

What You’re Going To Learn

  • Why you can use a bot anywhere someone is asking questions
  • The variation of fun things you can do besides push content
  • Best case uses for chatbots
  • How they’re using Messenger marketing on Facebook with Ads (and getting very cheap opt-ins)
  • How to blow up your bot by running a contest

Where to Connect with Matt & Matt

Botpreneur Facebook Group

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