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massive action

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With my ‘anti-hustle’ campaign I kind of surprised myself with the title of this post.

Well… the “Massive Action” part anyways.

I knew I was excited about launching the new show (Freedom Papers Podcast), but I had no idea what that was going to be like. I’m writing (recording) this episode almost exactly a month after the inception of Freedom Papers and I’m floored at how much we’ve accomplished, which is also why I’ve decided that what I’ve learned from this experience over the past month is going to be my new indicator for everything I do online.

From Idea to Production

First, I apologize if you’ve listened to the Welcome episode of Freedom Papers, but this little story bears repeating. It’s such a testament to trust and patience (something I’m constantly working on. The trust is easier than the patience).

I just looked up my initial interview with Jon (Perez) and it was almost 3 years ago exactly (bear with me, I swear I’m not a numerologist but I love these little synchronicities). August 15, 2013. And here we are three years later and we’ve found “it”.

Jon and I hit it off right away (how could you not with him, right?) and stayed in touch. We would chat on skype, talk about our businesses and how we could support one another. We knew there was a great chemistry there and wanted to work together. We tried a handful of things to make that happen:

  • Webinars
  • Courses
  • Another podcast (with a 3rd person)
  • Discussed merging our businesses (a larger agency)

Here’s the thing though…

None of those “felt” right.

And I’m here to tell you that what you feel matters.

We implemented and took action on each of those tasks, but somehow life always got in the way. Our course (Selling with WordPress) was great, but it felt like a struggle to complete and while I can’t really speak for Jon (although clearly I attempt to), our hearts weren’t into it. We were looking for that “thing”.

The big payday, the solution… the ONE thing that would change our trajectory.

I have zero regrets about everything we’ve tried. I know without a doubt that we wouldn’t be doing Freedom Papers if it weren’t for having tried everything else.

Here’s the real kicker.

If I were to break down each of those other things we did and step back for a minute I can easily tell you that I had a niggly feeling with all of them (in one manner or another). Not that it wasn’t right or a quality product, simply that it didn’t inspire me to do more, grow it or really stick with it. Those were all things that came after everything else (and trust me when I tell you that the podcast we were doing was a TIME SUCK… the concept was great but the chemistry with the 3rd person wasn’t).

My guess is that you guys can all say the same thing.

Every time you did something that didn’t work out you knew in your GUT that you should have let it go sooner.

O.K., back to idea to production.

We came up with the idea for Freedom Papers on July 18th.

When this episode airs it will be exactly ONE month later.

In that time frame here’s what we’ve done:

  • Recorded 8 episodes
  • Logo, website & branding: done
  • Email list
  • Produced the intro for the podcast (Jon was the creative brilliance behind that)
  • Launched the show
  • Mapped out our strategy for production (creating systems as we speak)
  • Mapped out our monetization model (I could not be MORE exited)
  • Tracking EVERYTHING we’re doing
  • Connected with an amazing transcription service and have transcripts already
  • Are converting the transcripts into a physical newsletter… Freedom Papers (literal papers.. haha)
  • Launching a GiveAway next week for the show
  • … and a few other things that are TOP SECRET

As you probably know by now, I’m not really one to shout from the rooftops “Look what I DID!” (although I have every intention of doing that more). I’m sharing this with you because doing this has been effortless. It has completely taken on a life of its own.

Remember when you were a little kid and you could get lost for hours in something? A new toy, playing with friends, drawing….

That’s what this feels like.

My New Indicator for Everything

How it feels (and has felt) to launch Freedom Papers is my new indicator for everything.

Not just in business, but in my life.

If it doesn’t feel this good I’m not doing it (remember my motto? If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it).

And I’m not saying that every element of my life is going to feel like this… I mean more from a place of never having that niggly feeling because I didn’t trust my gut.

Let’s try something a little different for a moment, shall we?

Do me a favor…

Close your eyes (unless you’re driving or walking… then do this later) and see if you can paint a picture of what your day would look like & feel like if you ONLY did what you wanted (I mean in your business… and don’t get into little details like “I don’t like doing email”…I mean simply working on things that you truly enjoyed and loved doing.

If every day you woke up excited about everything the day had in store for you. Even the tasks you didn’t like to do before (whatever those are). Now even those are fun because you know everything is part of the bigger picture and you’re not doing something just because you need to pay your bills.

Does this sound far fetched?


The truth is it’s possible. And I didn’t know it until recently.

Actually… I think I knew it intellectually but didn’t feel that it was possible.

Now I know different.

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