Loving Selling with Nathan Zadworny KDS: 056

Nathan Zadworny

I’m quite pleased to say that this is the first podcast interview Nathan has done. I’m always honored when people agree to be on the show (especially when I’ve asked them as opposed to being approached to have someone on my show).

This was such a great conversation… both in terms of the content and how it made me feel.

Which is pretty much how I’m going to determine who I decide to talk to when it comes to podcast interviews on my show.

Nathan made the leap from a corporate gig to going full time for himself after his contract ended and hasn’t looked back (he had been working on his business after hours from the day job).

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to talk to Nathan is that I’ve watched his transition over the last year and a half and his message has softened a bit, while still keeping it real.

We talked about the real struggles and challenges that people face when building their businesses (it’s usually a mindset issue as opposed to the ability to “do the work” or having the money).

Questions I Asked Nathan

  1. How he started his business (hint: he’s a coach)
  2. Why did he decide to go all-in with one platform?
  3. How does he pre-qualifies his clients?
  4. What are some common issues amongst your clients?
  5. Where does Nathan see things heading
  6. What type of clients Nathan works with (and how he decides who to work with)

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Nathan got his first few coaching clients on Facebook
  • Why he’s made a point of making sure his clients know who he is before they work with him (i.e, they have a relationship with him)
  • How he shifted his messaging from sort of a “harsh” message to one of support and understanding (and the impact it’s had on his business
  • The games he doesn’t want to play and why he’s not interested in being in the public eye
  • Why helping people is his biggest motivation
  • Why he feels people are craving how they felt before social media

Where to Connect with Nathan

Clients without Tears Facebook Group

Clip from Lethal Weapon 2 we mentioned in the show.

You’re welcome.

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