From Losing Everything to the Ultimate Lifestyle: My interview with Troy Broussard WPCP: 032

Troy Broussard

By now it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m fascinated by people’s stories and the path they took to get them where they are. Today’s interview with Troy Broussard is no different. Having lost everything TWICE (yes, I said twice), to where he is today was no easy task. I decided to interview Troy after he shared a recent story about a webinar he ran where no one purchased and then with some follow up on his part – and coming from a place of absolute integrity – he was able to convert the no sale webinar to over $35k in sales with a little bit of follow up.

You’ll hear Troy’s story in the podcast (because of course you’re going to listen to the entire interview, right?) but here are a few points that might drive you:

Filed personal bankruptcy

Rebuilt everything to a large real estate company, then the market crashed (and was too broke to file bankruptcy) and lost everything again

Went from working 70 -80 hours a week to working only 4 days a week in 2013 (and working towards 3 days a week in 2014)

Had a service based business that he enjoyed, but wasn’t really his passion and built a successful 7 figure income

AND… my favorite Troy quote: Money is like Alcohol (and yes, I’m totally going to tease you with that because it’s one of my favorite analogies).

As my business grows and evolves I’m always on the lookout for people who are on a similar journey. Not in terms of what I’m doing but in terms of people who take their life experience and integrate it into their business and it’s reflected in what they do.

If you’ve been online for even a few years you start seeing the same names and faces (if you don’t branch out of the same circles or connections). Some of those people continue to evolve and it’s reflected in their business and their offerings. More often then not though the ‘big names’ stick with the same thing they’ve been doing for the past TEN years (yes, literally 10 years). They might put a different spin on a product or reinvent it with a 2.0 attached to it, but it doesn’t reflect their OWN growth.

Totally not for me.


That’s what I love about what Troy is doing.

But the BEST thing about what Troy is doing is how he’s doing it, which is with integrity and heart.

Working with the right people and surrounding yourself with the right people… is what it’s all about for Troy. When he shifted his busines model from a service based busines to strictly to consulting he focused on getting into the minds of his customer.

What did they need?

What was their passions?

Their drive?

And he structures his consulting towards helping them attaing those goals and in turn has been able to reach some of his own goals (and growing).

I don’t want to give too much more away, be sure to listen to the interview!

And if you’d like to work with Troy and see if he’s a good fit for you you can click the button below & connect directly with him.

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