Live with Matt Medeiros: Check out the Conductor Plugin [VIDEO]

Live with Matt Medeiros: Check out the Conductor Plugin

This was an in-depth training live stream (the first of many I hope) with Matt Medeiros of the “Matt Report” podcast.

Matt is the creator of the Conductor plugin.

If you’re not familiar with Conductor, it’s ideal for content creators who want to format and style different types of content throughout your site (you can also create content blocks and pull them anywhere into your site). Matt gave a great example of this by showing different ways you can style WooCommerce products. Of course, my brain started going through the different things you can do with Conductor for other types of content (although the possibility of displaying WooCommerce products as content blocks on related posts and pages makes me want to set up WooCommerce… #justsayin).

Another thought I had about using Conductor was for podcast posts. It would be a great way to display related episodes (I have a custom plugin for displaying related posts, but had a few other ideas) in other content.

Download the Content Upgrade 

As an example, I have a few posts and podcast episodes about Beaver Builder (with a third episode coming in the next couple of weeks). I could display the posts on the podcast pages and the podcast posts on the written posts (this sounds way more confusing as I write it than it is my head).

If you’re like me and you aren’t using WooCommerce, then think about other ways you could pull in related content using Conductor.

What about pulling in content blocks for affiliate products (if you don’t have your own products)?

Mind you, this means you need to have created content for these affiliate products (which I think is the best way to grow affiliate income)… but it’s a great way to link relevant content with a better display.

Once you see Matt demo Conductor (and the power of it), your mind will start seeing all the possibilities.

If you’re ready to up your content strategy, you can use the discount code Matt created for my audience (he offered 10 coupons for 20% off). Just use the discount code KIM20 at checkout (once the discounts are gone they’re gone).

Get Conductor here

Join the Free Conductor Academy here

Download the Content Upgrade 

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  1. I’m here, listening in. Looking forward to learning about Conductor and all the stuff you’re going to talk about.

  2. I am interested about showing content to registered users only. Might work as a PMS inside my website?

  3. I can’t go to the site. I am babysitting 3 dogs right now lol. I am in the jungle at the moment.

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