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I have a confession to make.

I was SUPER hesitant to jump into live streaming. For a few reasons. The first reason was that I would have to “get ready”, as in, do my hair & makeup every day (O.K., technically I don’t have to do that. I get that most people really don’t care if what you look like if the content is good, but this was my hang up). Another reason was that I didn’t want to just jump on at talk at people.  I wanted to have a strategy, plan it a bit, and make sure I had some time to promote the live stream.

When I did jump in I got results INSTANTLY.

I was floored by the engagement, the number of people that showed up (more than normally show up for a webinar), and the traffic to my live stream post after the event (I pull the videos into my site with Simple Social Press and write a post along with the video. The bonus with using Simple Social Press is that it also pulls the Facebook comments into the site as blog comments, which is awesome).

I knew I wanted to have someone on the show to talk about live streaming and after seeing Ross Brand everywhere, I knew I wanted to connect with him. We recorded this a few months ago and things have just gotten bigger (and better) since we first connected.

Questions I Asked Ross

  1. Can you share a little bit about your background and how you got into live streaming & broadcasting?
  2. What is your current business?
  3. What are some of the things people are doing with live streaming?
  4. How are people monetizing live streaming?
  5. Why do you think people are so hesitant to get into live streaming?
  6. Who are some of the people that you see doing live streaming well?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • The three different ways people are monetizing live streaming
  • How Mario Armstrong, of the ‘Never Settle Show’ is using live streaming to grow his brand
  • What differentiates live streaming from T.V.
  • The technical basics you need to get into live streaming
  • The power of finding the right platform for your audience
  • Why you should look at live streaming as a content strategy
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Where to Connect with Ross

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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  1. Het Kim

    Great episode.

    A quick note:

    The ‘pool company’ story is about a guy called Marcus Sheridan. He’s now a bigwig in the content marketing community and can be found at

    His book is called ‘They Ask You Answer’ and is an awesome read.

    There are some great videos from 2013 or so from him on YT too.

    1. Thanks, Dave!
      I actually ordered that book! 🙂 Just started reading it. I’m going to check out The Sales Lion now (and will def check out the YT videos too).
      I’m in awe of what he accomplished through content marketing.

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