Live Interview with Troy Dean of WP Elevation

It feels a little crazy to me that this was the first time I’ve done a live stream with Troy. We’ve done a few podcast interviews over the years and I thought it was high time we did a live stream.

And of course, it was a blast.

One of my favorite things I love about talking with Troy is that we also get into the mindset side of things and this live stream was no different. We talked about the mindset shift that needs to happen when you’re scaling a business (perception is everything, isn’t it?) and who you become in the process.

After an intense year growing WP Elevation and creating Rockstar Empires, Troy and his partner with Rockstar Empires decided to close the course down. Even though Rockstar Empires was successful (they launched it a few times), they realized that the challenge of being in different time zones (Australia and the east coast in the U.S.) was proving to be more of a challenge than they had anticipated. With the arrival of his first child and his partner having 3 kids under 6 years old, they both came to the conclusion that they needed to put Rockstar Empires on the back burner. Troy said the brand will come back at some point in the future but for now, Rockstar Empires is closed (with all customers, of course, having lifetime access to what they purchased).

So where is WP Elevation and Troy headed?

The mission of WP Elevation is to help freelancers find freedom.

Not a bad mission, right?

Troy and his team at WP Elevation are doubling down on what they’ve created and are committed to growing and improving what they’ve built.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten older or I’ve simply been around this online space for so long (probably a combination of both), but there’s something about getting massive clarity, simplification, and focus that feels wise.

We also talked about what shifted things for Troy when he decided to close down his agency (years ago), focus on Video User Manuals and help as many people as he could… for free. The crazy thing about helping people for free is that most people fight this… and I get it. I did that too until I shifted what I was doing (stopping service work) and went all in with what I loved (content marketing).

There’s a ton more in this live stream… so be sure to watch the full episode to get all the nuggets Troy shares and to find out when WP Elevation is opening again.

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    1. Kim Doyal yup, had to run and get it for my mom and me so we could watch the Razorbacks game. To top it off, they won!

  1. I am so glad I took the time, even a week late, to catch this #replay. Thank you so much Kim and Troy for such a wonderful conversation!

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