List Building & Starting Over: My Interview with Maritza Parra WPCP: 073

Today I have Maritza Parra from on the show.

Martiza has been crazy about horses her entire life. Growing up, she spent all her free time with her horse and other horses from the local barn. Once she got to high school, she needed a way to pay for her riding gear, toys for her horse, and lessons with dressage instructors so she got a job at a laundry mat. It wasn’t long before she realized she hated it and just couldn’t do it anymore. That’s when she choreographed her own Dancing Stallion Horse Show with her brother and some of her friends. She choreographed the dances, planned the costumes, and found gigs for them.

Not only was Maritza doing what she loved, but she was also getting paid for it! Eventually, people in the show started settling down and focusing on growing their families, but such wasn’t the case for Maritza and her husband. Her doctor recommended stopping riding so she could have a better chance of conceiving so her business quickly came to a halt. A few years later, Maritza found herself in a divorce… ending up with no business, no husband, and no baby.

Panic set in.

She had to go back and get a job.

Then she realized that she still had a website she had created about horses many years before, which still had a decent sized list. Maritza wrote weekly emails to her list, building her relationship with them.

One day, she thought, “Hey, what if I could offer a product to my list?”

She sent them a survey, they told her what they wanted, and she delivered!

That moment shifted her perspective because she found something that gave her the maximum leverage (high results and profits with little effort). She then took this skill and began teaching other people how to maximize their list’s effectiveness.

Today we touch on why having a list is so important. More often than not, trying to build one’s list is looked at as a negative thing. It shouldn’t be…

Questions I Asked Maritza:

  1. Can you share a little bit about your journey before getting here?
  2. Is there a higher conversion when a customer receives a physical note rather than just an insert?
  3. Why is having a list so important?
  4. Why does trying to build a list have such a negative connotation? 
  5. Why are people so hesitant to build a list?
  6. What’s the one thing Martiza thinks people should know about building a list?

What You’re Going to Learn:

  1. How Maritza built her list at a young age. 
  2. How Maritza was able to sell $29,000 of product to her list by going back to her business. 
  3. Why everyone should have a list. 
  4. The benefits of building your list the right way.  
  5. Common mistakes made with lead magnets.
  6. How Maritza figured out what her list wants.
  7. Different ways to drive people to sign up for your list

Where to Connect with Maritza

Website | Facebook | Twitter 

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