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I know, I know.

You guys might be surprised that I’m sharing a way for you to Learn WordPress Development (if you’ve listened to the podcast intro and my “no boring code snippets here”, then you know why I say this), but when I connect with great people doing awesome things, it’s easy to step outside my comfort zone a little.

That’s what happened when I had the opportunity to speak with Alex Denning, Fred Meyer, and David Hayes of WP Shout.

Fortunately, we didn’t get too heavy into development speak.

But we did talk about their in-depth course for anyone who wants to learn WordPress Development (and I’m going to give you a spoiler alert here, but I told them I thought the course was way underpriced. #justsayin).

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Questions I Asked Alex, Fred & David

  1. There are 3 of you that run the site WP Shout, but before we get into that, share your background (and the background of your partners if you want), with the listeners?

  2. When was WPShout founded? How did that come about?

  3. WPShout is focused primarily on developers. What made you guys decide to focus on that space?

  4. How have you guys monetized the site? Do you also have client projects?

  5. How have you grown your audience?

  6. Tell us about your course, Up & Running. Is this your first course?

  7. Where can people find out more about your course?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • How WPShout evolved
  • How they took their client work and started creating content with what they were doing
  • When they first launched Up & Running (and what they’ve done to make the second version even better than the first one)
  • How they came up with the pricing for Up & Running (and why I think it’s underpriced, hint: get it this round)

Up & Running is open now through March 31st. The guys at WPShout have agreed to give my listeners a 20% discount! Use the discount code WPCHICK at checkout.


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Where to Connect with WPShout

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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