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Trey Lewellen

It’s been a while since I had Trey Lewellen on the podcast.

Trey and I met 7 years ago in a mastermind that started off teaching Facebook ads and eventually pivoted to a more general mastermind with an emphasis on FB ads. The first time we hung out together was in Maui at one of the in-person events and I felt like I’d known him forever.

Trey’s energy is infectious.

He’s fun, super smart, and simply “goes for it”, which is one of the things I admire most about him.

Trey’s business has evolved quite a bit over the years (you can read or listen to the first few years of his business in the first podcast episode I did with him here). Once he found his sweet spot with e-commerce, he started coaching and mentoring other e-commerce owners as well as keeping his own e-commerce businesses running (he left his first niche…. which you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what that was).

With everything that has gone on in the world in the last year+ it’s clear that e-commerce is only going to get stronger and stronger. And you don’t have to be Amazon to do well with an e-commerce business.

Trey’s superpower is importing products from China (can you imagine how much easier that would be if you had someone in the U.S. who already knew how to do that?)/

I knew that Trey was using a lot of different traffic methods (beyond Facebook), because his Facebook account had gotten shut down.

Naturally, I was curious as to how he was driving traffic and what he was teaching, so I asked him to hop on and do another podcast with me.

You’ll also hear about his latest endeavor, a documentary series called “The Death of Brick & Mortar”, where he highlights e-commerce entrepreneurs and shares their stories.

Questions I Asked Trey

  1. How he pivoted to other traffic sources after losing his Facebook business manager
  2. What he’s doing with email marketing (as a traffic source)
  3. How he’s using affiliates to help his e-commerce students scale their businesses (quickly)
  4. How he finds other traffic sources
  5. What he still uses Facebook for (in terms of traffic and partnerships)

What You’re Going to Learn

  1. How to determine if your offer is correct (before running traffic, brand new)
  2. Why a “market first” approach is the first place to start (and how it determines your success)
  3. How what Trey is teaching applies to the digital space as well (it’s not just for physical products)
  4. What you need to do when you’re first getting started and have no list
  5. How there aren’t any special tactics involved in getting started… it’s good ol’ fashioned networking, connecting, and building relationships

Where to Connect with Trey

Facebook Group (Death of Brick & Mortar) | TalktoTrey.com

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