Launch Your Course Like A Rockstar – Interview with Troy Dean WPCP: 101


You know how there are those people that when you talk with them initially you feel like you’ve known them forever?

And then every time you talk with them you walk away with a smile on your face and know your day was made better because they were a part of it?

Yea… that’s Troy Dean.

Oh… and besides being a great guy and ridiculously fun to talk with, he knows how to create and scale a profitable online business.

Which is why I was super excited about talking with him about his latest venture, Rock Star Empires.

Yep, a Course about Courses.

Troy has plenty of experience (and more importantly data) on creating successful online courses.

Many of you probably know Troy from WP Elevation (which started as on open-ended community/membership and shifted to a course) or Video User Manuals (a WordPress plugin that you can install in your site with step-by-step WordPress tutorials).

Troy’s focus these days is the online education space… and he explains how he transitioned into that (while keeping the other businesses running). And of course, we had a ton of fun.

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Questions I asked Troy

  1. You’re still running WP Elevation & Video User Manuals: Why step into a course on courses?
  2. Time for Money Trap: Discuss
  3. What are some of the challenges you see people face when:
    1. Taking a course
    2. Launching a course
  4. What are some key components to creating a successful course?
  5. I love that you did a beta run of the program… how did that go?
  6. Can you share what’s included in the course?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • Why Troy took WP Elevation from an open-ended community to a course he re-0pens a few times a year
  • The one factor that makes a HUGE difference in getting people to commit & complete a course
  • The shocking statistic on course completion (this one kinda blew me away)
  • Why Troy doesn’t produce the course until he sells it (I’ve been there!)
  • How you can successfully launch your own course
  • What Rock Star Empires is all about…

Where to Connect with Troy

Website | Facebook | Twitter


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  1. This was a great podcast! Thanks for sharing! I’m curious to know what software Troy is using for his online course. I’m using Optimize Press but I think it lacks in some areas like being able to create the community aspect and offering the badges and trophies.

    1. Hi J.R.,
      Thanks & my pleasure! Will probably have him back on. They’re using LearnDash & Social Learner for Learndash.
      They’re opening Rockstar Empires in September again ( I believe).
      Thanks for listening!

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