Carrie Dils is Back… Does it Get Any Better? WPCP: 113

Carrie Dils

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Yes folks, she’s back.

Holy moly though… a lot has changed with Carrie since she was on the show last (she was episode 7! One of my first guests and I was/am super appreciative of that).

Fast forward a few years and knew I needed to have Carrie back on. Her business has exploded (my words) since we spoke last. She’s created more products, creates Genesis tutorials for (how awesome is that?), runs the OfficeHours.FM podcast and spent some time working with Crowd Favorite. Oh… and she has added speaker to her list of accomplishments (I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing/hearing her speak but I can only imagine it would be awesome).

We talked about the disconnect that happens when you want to shift from freelancing to something else. Carrie had some great insight as to why this happens (which tends not to be for one reason only) and of course I had to get a little esoteric with her (I don’t know what my obsession with that word is lately).

This conversation went in a whole bunch of different directions with this conversation… and let me just tell you… you will be laughing. Carrie is not only uber smart, but she’s pretty damn funny (I was laughing throughout the interview and again when writing the show notes).

Questions I Asked Carrie

  1. Since we last spoke you had gone over to Crowd Favorite and are back working for yourself again. I have a couple questions regarding that shift for you. First, what brought about the decision to work for Crowd Favorite and then what made you decide to go back to working for yourself?
  2. When I was on your show last, we talked about changing directions and shifting gears with business. Obviously WordPress isn’t going anywhere… where do you see opportunities for people in this space?
  3. What do you fee are some challenges with running a profitable business in the WP space?
  4. Where do you think the disconnect happens for people who are freelancing and decide they are DONE?
  5. Since you’ve been online for a while, how do you think the landscape has changed and is changing?
  6. Where do you want to take your business?
  7. Anything you’d go back and tell yourself, say 5 years ago if you wanted to dispel a little wisdom?
[clickToTweet tweet=”Whatever your forte it’s possible to shoot yourself in the foot with too much perfection. @cdils” quote=”Whatever your forte it’s possible to shoot yourself in the foot with too much perfection. @cdils”]


What You’re Going to LearnĀ 

  • Where the landscape is headed for opportunities in WordPress
  • How to pick your own space within WordPress
  • How funny Carrie is (yes, I thought that was worth adding here)
  • Carrie’s thoughts on marketing and where she can step it up
  • How Carrie’s podcast, OfficeHours.FM has helped her business
  • The struggle of keeping sponsorship going with a podcast

To say I adore Carrie would be an understatement. I’m sure you can tell by listening to this show that it was a ton of fun and Carrie is a wealth of knowledge.

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Where to Connect with Carrie

Website | Podcast | Twitter

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