Kajabi President JCron Joined Me LIVE to Talk All Things Kajabi KDS: 022

JCron - Kajabi Interview

To say I was excited about this interview would be an understatement.

I’m joined by Kajabi President Jonathan Cronstedt, also known as ‘JCron’.

I literally remember anxiously waiting for “New Kajabi” to release in late 2015 (it literally launched in December of 2015). It felt like the longest launch ever, but only because of the way they shared the behind-the-scenes journey and process of getting the new platform ready to use. Even though I knew I was going to be jumping in when they finally opened the doors, I still felt a little guilty. At the time I was still running ‘The WordPress Chick’ so it kind of felt like I was cheating.

At the same time, I knew I was pivoting towards more content marketing (at the time I didn’t know I’d be moving completely away from The WPChick) and wanted to spend more time creating and promoting and less time dealing with the tech. As much as I love WordPress, I didn’t want to deal with piecing things together (I guess this was the writing on the wall that I was pivoting away from The WPChick).Kajabi Swag

One of my favorite things about Kajabi is how they take care of their members, especially their Founders. In the fall of 2016, they rolled out ‘Founders Fridays’, where they gave all the Founders access to new features first. It was such a cool way to thank people who jumped in when they launched. It was simply a ‘give’ to say Thank You. And I know, I’m probably not the most impartial person since I am a Founder, but still… I have yet to see another company do this. Kajabi has found a way of bringing personality and voice to their brand in a unique way I haven’t seen done anywhere else.

Since I became a Kajabi Founder, they’ve made massive changes to the platform.

You’re going to hear all about the releases they’ve made this year, but one of my favorite updates is simply the new UI.

Oh, and Pipelines…

… and automation.

And did I tell you they’re adding a community feature too?

It literally just keeps getting better and better.

So, as a little ‘side note’, this interview was done via Facebook Livestream. Anytime I don’t need to share screens I’m going to do as many repurposing of live streams for the podcast as possible.

That being said, le’ts jump in!

Questions I Asked JCron (some of these were submitted prior to the live stream)

  1. What were you doing before you joined Kajabi as the president?
  2. For people who might not be familiar with Kajabi, can you share with the listeners what it is?
  3. With all the changes in the online learning space, where do you see things heading?
  4. What are some of the biggest challenges you see people facing when with selling and marketing courses and products online?
  5. Is there a way to move content from WordPress to Kajabi without manually doing it?
  6. What are the plans for adding gamification to Kajabi?
  7. Will Kajabi integrate with Messenger?
[click_to_tweet tweet=”Our vision is to get you to a point of profiting from what you know as fast as possible. @thejcron” quote=”Our vision is to get you to a point of profiting from what you know as fast as possible. @thejcron” theme=”style6″]

What You’re Going to Learn

  • Why you can get rid of your email marketing CRM and only use Kajabi (why pay for both)
  • How Pipelines compare to funnels
  • All of the features Kajabi has released in 2018
  • How Kajabi integrates with your CRM
  • JCron’s thoughts on selling physical products through Kajabi
  • A hint at a Shopify and Kajabi integration (more to come on that in the new year)
  • Why JCron doesn’t seek balance in his life
  • Where the name ‘Kajabi’ came from
  • Kajabi’s first LIVE event in April, 2019
[click_to_tweet tweet=”There is no amount of technical knowledge or tools that is going to save an ineffective offer or ineffective presentation. @thejcron” quote=”There is no amount of technical knowledge or tools that is going to save an ineffective offer or ineffective presentation. @thejcron” theme=”style6″]

Where to Connect with JCron & The Kajabi Team

Facebook Group | Kajabi Facebook Page | Blog

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