It’s Official… I’m Moving to Costa Rica

moving to costa rica

Well, it’s official.

I signed a contract and put a deposit down on a place in Costa Rica, starting June 1st.

Holy moly.

As excited as I am about this next chapter, I promise I won’t be flooding your inbox with stories of my experience (there will be a few, but I’ll do my best to make them relative).

I’m *kind of* toying with the idea of either creating a new site about this experience or really trying to figure out how I can integrate that journey into my personal brand.

My gut says do something completely separate, mainly because it feels like more work to try to integrate it, and I really don’t want to be a cheesy, “look at my beach lifestyle” marketer?

For what it’s worth though, you know I’m going to keep it real.

I promise the first time I come across a critter that scares the bejeezus out of me I will not be playing it cool. 🕷

If you’re remotely interested, I shared the pics of my place on my personal profile yesterday. You can check those out here.

When I shared the pics it was fun because I had a few friends say “OMG! I thought you were kidding”…

It’s been lovely to see the enthusiasm, support, and excitement from people.

There’s something about trusting yourself and moving forward with what you want that creates a different type of momentum.

I love doing that in my business too…

“Secretly” working on something and then giving a wee bit of a tease… it creates excitement and interest, as well as keeps me accountable.

It’s way too easy to crowd source opinions or get caught up in the nonsense that happens in our head:

The truth is, most people are too busy and caught up in their own lives to worry about you (although there are plenty of people who seem to think their opinion on Harry & Meghan is important… let’s leave that alone though).

Will there be negative Nelly’s and haters?


But this is when you need to pour everything you can into choosing to trust yourself and what you want.

Worse case scenario?

It doesn’t work and you learn something about yourself, your audience, your business, etc.

Case in point: I “thought” I liked cold weather. A year in Boise proved otherwise.

I can’t imagine I won’t like living in Costa Rica, but there’s only one way to find out, right?

Start having more fun in your business.

I truly adore what I do and am grateful for everyday that I get to do this.

On that note, I’m going to leave you with one little tease…

Coming next week:

The Content Promotion Code is something Jodi and I have been working on… (this will be offered through the Content Creators Planner).

Part of our commitment to our audience is to make content marketing easier as well as more profitable (novel idea, right?).

We want people to spend more time creating quality content, as opposed to quantities of content. When you create quality content you can spend more time promoting a really good piece of content and getting leverage out of what you’ve already done.

That’s what the Content Promotion Code is all about.

We’ll be sharing more on that next week.

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