Introducing The New Brizy Page Builder With Dimi Baitanciuc KDS: 009

Brizy Page Builder

I have to admit… being a huge fan of page builders, I was pretty excited to see another page builder hit the market.

Some people might think we don’t need another page builder for WordPress, but I truly believe that competition is good and not every page builder will work for each person. Even though many of the page builders have similar features, the UI and feel to each page builder is unique. What may work for one person will feel clunky or confusing to another. The other benefit of competition is that it keeps everyone on their toes (although all the builders I’ve used all have quality products and their support is pretty great).

Having had most of the page builder founders on the podcast at one time or another (or 3 times in the case of Beaver Builder), I can honestly tell you that it’s very respectful space.

Enter the latest page builder, Brizy, to the market.

The first day that I tested Brizy I went instantly to the website to get in touch with them to have them on the podcast. Dimi responded right away and we scheduled the interview. Dimi was not only completely gracious about all the page builders on the market and he’s incredibly passionate about the product they’ve created.

Questions I Asked Dimi

  1. Before we talk about Brizy, can you share your background and what you were doing before launching the plugin?
  2. How long have you guys been working on Brizy?
  3. Were you nervous about stepping into the page builder space?
  4. What makes Brizy different from other page builders?
  5. How does Brizy impact site load time?
  6. What happens to my content if I use Brizy to create it, then disable the plugin?
  7. What features come in the pro version?
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What You’re Going To Learn

  • How the Brizy team started with WordPress themes back in 2009 with Themefuse
  • How long they’ve been working on Brizy
  • How quickly they reached 10,000 downloads in the WordPress plugin repository
  • How they decided which features to include in the free version
  • Why they created a free version that will allow someone to create a complete site, from start to finish
  • What is in the Pro version (and when it’s coming)

Here’s the demo video directly from the Brizy team:

Brizy Presentation Video from ThemeFuse on Vimeo.

Find Out More About Brizy

Website | Facebook Group | Twitter


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    1. My pleasure Jonathan,
      Thanks for listening! I’m a big fan of the page builder too. Exited to see where it’s heading.

    2. Thanks, Jonathan, I had a blast. I’m super excited and passionate about Brizy as well, the team is ecstatic about the feedback from the WordPress community and we are pushing hard on the Pro.

      Great things ahead.

  1. Great and enjoy the Podcast,

    Thank you Kim & Dimi. I Just stared using Brizy for me Landing/Sale Page it was very Brizy and awesome front end builder. I never had this kind of experience on such an easy Brizy way to built a website, can’t wait to buy the pro vesion ! (just miss 🙁 🙁 the boat on early price) but need to prepare to save some for the pro. Very exticting for many great thing ahead.

    Thank You

    1. You’re most welcome Lawrence, glad you enjoyed the podcast.
      I LOVE Brizy too! I’m looking forward to creating more landing pages with it as well.

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