If You Want To Play Here, You Must Go Away

That sounds so harsh when I say it out loud or read it.

“If you want to play here, you must go away.”

But you would have had to have known my grandfather to know that this was just his funny sense of humor (this was my dad’s dad. He was often told he reminded people of Jackie Gleason, but to us, he was just Grampa).

He said this in a very ‘sing songy’ way when we were kids and running around in their house.

He had a bunch of funny sayings, many that we learned later in life after he was gone. He was a Greyhound bus driver and used his best material on his passengers.

Here are two of my favorites that he used when people would ask him if he knew the types of flowers they would see:

1) One flower name was “alongtherodio” (for along the road)

2) The other was “mutterdendrins” (my maiden name is Mutter…)

So when my siblings and I got older and our kids starting running around crazy together we started in with “if you want to play here, you must go away”.

Clearly, sayings like this will stick with you.

Another saying that has stuck with me is this:

“When a task is once begun, you leave it not until it’s done. Be a matter great or small, you do it well or not at all.”

By anonymous… 🙂

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I first heard this when I was listening to a Zig Ziglar cassette tape (there I go dating myself again). Then I was talking to my Mom about it and she said her grandfather also used to say this.

Such simplicity and wisdom in two sentences.

Somehow I think this phrase never made its way into the internet marketing space.

Even if people were completing tasks, it was more important to give the illusion of ease, lifestyle, and a quick way out of the rat race.

Fortunately, I think those times are changing (you’ll want to listen to this week’s podcast episode when it airs, this is the topic I dove into).

The deeper I go into my ‘fundamentals’, the more I realize how many things I need to go fix (or set up correctly).

There’s no judgment in this, but ideally, when we know better we do better, right? When I started my business 9 years ago it wasn’t popular to talk about doing things strategically or God forbid, slowly.

Somehow we’ve done a complete 180 from quick riches to screaming at people to ‘hustle’ and ‘DO THE WORK!”

One of the things I realized I wasn’t doing correctly was tracking and measuring.

I’ve always had Google analytics set up, but I didn’t really have a strategy for my email marketing, list building, and link tracking.

Now that I’ve taken the time to clean things up in Active Campaign, I’m going all in.

Creating UTM tracking codes for my links with a solid strategy in place for sequences.

The best part?

This is WAY easier than you think it is.

I wrote a post and did a video showing you how to do this over on LeadSurveys. All I can say is the sooner you take the time to do these things the better results you’re going to have.

Read “Build Your List Like A Boss – How to Set Up Your UTM Tracking Links [VIDEO]” Here

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