I Wish I’d Done This Sooner


There’s nothing like coming back from a holiday weekend a little recharged.

Mind you, it’s taken me a full cup of coffee to realize I am recharged, but I’ll take it!
I worked on Sunday so when yesterday rolled around I thought I’d be raring to go from the work on did on Sunday, but…. not so much.

I couldn’t get into any sort of work mode, so I finally gave up midday and tried to chill. The keyword being ‘tried’. It was like my body didn’t feel like working but my brain wanted to keep going. I still didn’t get anything else done (which was totally fine), but I’m glad it’s a new day and I’m ready to get back at it.

Which brings me to what I wish I’d done sooner. I’ve shared a little bit with you guys in the past month or so about the ‘missing piece’ of the puzzle (which has been diving into the messaging, copy, understanding the psychology behind why people buy, engage, etc.). Well, there’s something else that feels like a huge “a-ha” for me (kind of makes me realize there might be multiple puzzle pieces missing! haha).

Here it is.

It’s ALL about connections and engagement.

Holy moly you guys.

I’ve not exactly been hiding behind a rock, but I would say that for the first 5 years of my business I went about this a little half-assed. Not because I didn’t care, but because I really suffered from imposter syndrome and felt like I wasn’t quite sure where I fit into the WordPress space because I wasn’t a developer.

As soon as I launched my podcast and really owned that I wasn’t a developer, everything started to change.

I’ve made some amazing connections, relationships have grown, and my brand has flourished.

I didn’t realize how much until I launched Content Creators.

This group has blown my mind!

I put two things out to the group at the end of last week:

1) That I wanted to grow the group to 500 members by Monday (yesterday)
2) Would they be interested in seeing the behind the scenes work that I’ve done to plan my upcoming course, Grow Your Audience

Here’s the fun thing…

With the question regarding the behind the scenes video I told everyone to respond with a ‘Heck yeah!’ and THEY DID! SO fun! I got  “heck yeah’s” and then on Sunday, recorded the video (it’s almost 18 min long) and posted it in the group (I’ll be doing two more videos, the webinar planning & the marketing).

In regards to hitting the 500 member mark…

That’s where things got really fun.

We hit that mark on Sunday (a day early ) AND… surpassed it by 41 and as of the time of this writing, we’re at 557.

How did we hit that goal?

Obviously, I promoted it (made a graphic, shared it everywhere, mentioned it here, etc.), but even better than that was the support I got from the group. So many people shared the group on their own timelines, in other groups, on their pages… I’m truly humbled by the support. We even had someone make a video!

As soon as we hit the 500 mark members started posting Congrats! (and who doesn’t love the animated congrats on Facebook, right?).

THIS is the stuff that makes the difference you guys.

Connections, relationships, supporting other people, and of course, having fun. Check out what one member posted in the group:

Facebook Group

So other than feeling like a giddy little kid because of this group, what is my point in sharing this with you?

People are what will make the difference in your business.

I don’t care if you’re a developer, VA, designer, marketer, podcaster, author, chiropractor or ditch digger.

Start looking at the time you take to connect with people, help people, engage in groups, and comment or share as investments. It’s an investment in you and your business.

Not only will it pay off, but you’re going to have way more fun and enjoy the journey that much more!

Join us in Content Creators today!

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