Stop Buying and Start Paying Attention

stop buying

I love it when I have an idea and the validation starts trickling in left and right (think market validation, not people I know telling me it’s a good idea. Although I appreciate that too).

Before we get into the validation… I think a “Happy New Year!” is in order.

I had a quiet New Year’s and a productive first day of the year (packing all the Christmas stuff away and getting the house back to normal & cleaned). Fortunately it was a dry and sunny day on the 1st, unlike the rainy and cloudy day we have today (which is fine, makes it easier to stay inside and get work done).

Now it’s back to business.

For the last few months I have been a little preachy about small consistent action, fundamentals, and modeling (paying attention) to how people do things.

As an example of modeling, let’s look at the ‘launch’ model in this space.

We’ve all subscribed to launches for courses or products. You probably subscribed because you thought you might want to invest in the course or product being marketed. I used to also.

There aren’t a lot of course launches that I subscribe to anymore because I think I might want to buy the course (not that I have all the knowledge I need, but because I need to stay focused and finish the courses I have).

I subscribe to watch how the launch is being done. The copy, the visuals, the messaging… all of it.

My word for 2017 is Focus.

If a course comes along that supports what I’m focused on then I might invest, but more often then not I’m simply paying attention to how things are being done.

And this is where the “this is what I’m talking about” comes into play (subject line of this email).

CoSchedule sent out an email today for a new course they’re offering (no charge, the link is below). It’s about ‘Organizing Your Content Marketing’. Of course I clicked through to sign up (this is completely in alignment with everything I’m doing in my business and my plans for 2017).

Here’s where things get a little fun.

Last week I shared the link to the new tool I’m working on with Gordan Orlic, (if you haven’t gotten on the notification list yet you should.. it’s going to be amazing).

In stepping into this arena I’ve been doing a ton of research on surveys and lead generation. The deeper I go the more I realize how needed this is (here comes the validation).

So imagine how pleased I was when I went to register for the Content Marketing course from CoSchedule today and there was a little survey element in the opt-in process! Brilliant.

As well as a step for a free trial of CoSchedule in the process. Nice.

So I immediately pinged Gordan on Skype to have him look at the process. Obviously we’re not going to copy what CoSchedule is doing, but you better believe I’m modeling how they do things.

They create massive value for their audience (customers and non-customers). Content, training, tools… all of it while continuing to improve their tool, add features, etc.

This is what I’m talking about.

Start looking at how people are doing things from a different perspective. Not as a consumer with the intent to purchase, but from a marketing perspective

Pay attention to what speaks to you, what you liked about it (graphics, copy, messaging, etc.)., from there you can implement in small steps or test elements that you liked.

In the meantime, checkout the Content Marketing course from CoSchedule (and pay attention to the landing page, copy, opt-in, all of it).

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