How Long Will You Give It?


I have to give props to all you early morning risers.

For some nutty reason, I woke up at 5:40 am this morning. Even though I consider myself more of a morning person than a night owl, this was a wee bit too early for me.

On the flip side, I’ve gotten a few things done and out of the way, so now I’m feeling a little bit like a rockstar (I give myself kudos wherever I can find them). Check in with me midday… I might need to get an iced coffee.

Even with my lack of sleep, I’m feeling a little giddy this morning.

I am so geeked about the response and engagement in the Content Creators Facebook group already. Everything about it feels 100% right.

It only took me 9 years to get here.

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How long will YOU give it?

I heard a quote once that has stuck with me (it was in reference to wanting a relationship in your life, but I think it can be applied in all areas).

“I had so much fun on my way to finding you.”

Even with all the ups & downs, and personal struggles in my business, it’s all been worth it.

I’ve had so much fun getting here (and by here I don’t mean this is ‘it’… this is so much more about how I feel than anything else).

Getting to this place in my business where I finally feel like “I’ve got this.”

[clickToTweet tweet=”Getting to this place in my business where I finally feel like ‘I’ve got this.'” quote=”Getting to this place in my business where I finally feel like ‘I’ve got this.'” theme=”style6″]

It’s a good thing I was clueless when I started. Not that I would have listened to anyone if they told me it would take longer than I expected…

The beauty of knowing this now is that I’ve learned I’m not alone in this. I have yet to meet an entrepreneur who hasn’t experienced the following:

– self-doubt
– fear
– imposter syndrome
– wondered what they were doing wrong
– debated on getting a job
– then wondered how they created a ‘job’ for themselves with their own business
– hit a wall
– had a breakdown
– questioned everything
– finally said, “screw it”…  there’s got to be a better way

And from that, some amazing things start happening.

To be a little corny and cliche’, this is “where the magic happens.”

(I’m feeling a little bit like a Hallmark card this morning).

Someone who has helped me get to this place in my business is a dear friend and probably unbeknownst to him, a mentor of mine.

Troy Dean.

Connecting with Troy a few years ago when he invited me on the WP Elevation podcast was a game changer.

Troy is someone who has always “shown up” in his business.

He’s real, he’s fun, he’s incredibly nice (while being firm about his boundaries) and brilliant at what he does.

I’ve got another podcast episode airing with Troy this week (he’s a ‘3-peat’ on the show) which went in a completely surprising direction (you’re going to want to listen to this). I don’t think I’ve ever tripped over a word as much as I did when trying to say WPElevation.

Speaking of WP Elevation, Troy is giving away his 20k proposal template and training video again.

You can download it immediately and start using it right away.

Get the 20k Proposal Template & Video Training here

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  1. Great one, Kim. I’m still struggling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome and a bit of “WTF?!?! Is this really how everyone’s doing it”? However, I’m keeping at it and trying to make it all work for me. BTW, I took your advice from our phone call and just started a FaceBook to help build up a community. I named it “The Lady’s Room”. Get it?!?!? I think it’s cute. Anyway, thanks for being a real voice in a surreal space.

    1. Haha… love “The Lady’s Room” Erica, that’s great! Kudos on starting it!
      The tough thing about this space is that how things appear and how things really are, tend to be two very different things. Self-doubt, imposter syndrome & WTF are all just part of the process (and I’m not sure they ever go away, they just carry less weight as time goes on).
      Have a great day,

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