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Are you ready to FINALLY Write & Send emails that Connect & Convert?

Learn how to write emails that connect with your list, and convert into sales... even if you *think* you can't write.

ONLY $97 - FOUNDERS Price!!!

Course begins April, 3, 2023


You missed out!

Kim Doyal

HitSend is a LIVE cohort challenge that teaches creators how to write and send emails that creates a relationship and drives sales.

It's tough to get started with email marketing, especially if you don't feel confident in your writing skills or you don't want to
come across as pushy.

You're not alone! A lot of people find email marketing daunting. But it's one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers and convert them into buyers. 

It's hard to grow a successful business if you don't have an email list. And it's hard to write good emails if you don't enjoy it or feel confident about your skills.

Grow an Engaged Email List

Engaged Subscribers

Contrary to what you've been told, you don't need a "big" list... you need an engaged list you have a relationship with and whose problems you can solve. Don't overthink the size of your list... think about how you serve.

Write Emails People READ!

Write emails

Most people overthink writing emails. You don't need to be a "writer" or have aced your english classes in school. I'm going to show you how to write emails that connect with your subscribers, create engagement, and make people hungry for more!

Make the RIGHT Offers


Once you have a relationship with your list it's a lot easier to make the right offers, at the right time. Learn how to sell, solely through email (if you want), without having to do overly complicated launches or spend thousands on ads.

ONLY $117!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up


You'll get a "Welcome" email and access to the challenge platform, Framework. 

*Check your email for access to Framework*

You can join the community right away, introduce yourself, connect with other challengers, and get ready for onboarding week which begins Monday, April 3rd, 2023.


Daily Email Lessons: After onboarding week you'll receive a new lesson every day of the challenge (Monday - Friday). On the weekends you'll receive a mindset email lesson.

Each lesson will be delivered via email, but will also be in Framework with a video, text, and sample swipe file.

WEEKLY Live Trainings: Every Wednesday we'll have a LIVE training on a topic that is separate from the daily email lessons.


One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable, get feedback, and complete the lessons is with the support of your peers!

In addition to the challenge discussions you can create accountability partners, have private conversations, ask for feedback, and share your wins!

The community is also a great place to find potential joint venture partners to grow with.


Daily Samples: Every lesson you're sent will come with a sample email (explaining that days lesson) and how to use that particular swipe file for your own business.

The outline and structure of each email is simply a guide. Pay close attention to the objective of the email, how it's structured, and what the call-to-action is.

The PRIMARY GOAL of HitSend is to get you writing and sending emails! Each day will build upon previous emails.


We are SO excited about this!

We've created (and by we I mean myself and my brilliant Notion consultant and friend, Sandi Eveleth) a custom Notion dashboard for you to create your own Email Marketing Engine!

Create your strategy, track your tags, segments, lead magnets, URLs, and more.

Structure and schedule campaigns and automate processes with the power of this FREE tool!

Is HitSend for Me?

How do you know if the HitSend Email Challenge is for you?
Does any of this sound familiar?

Help People
organic social
Paid Traffic

Here’s What You’ll Get With HitSend


The 3C Content Framework for Email

The 3C Content Framework is your foundation for writing engaging emails people want to read and when to send them. You'll never run out of ideas for emails again!

Create the Ultimate Lead Magnet

Anyone can create a quick, one-page cheat sheet or download... we're going to create the Ultimate Lead Magnet that will blow your subscribers away! Something So good they would have paid for it!

Create a Relationship & Build Trust

Creating a relationship with your list is more than simply sending "value" (which is pretty subjective to begin with)... create a relationship with your list so it feels like they're hearing from a trusting friend.

How to Sell with Email & Feel GOOD!

Learning how to sell with email is all about understanding how you help your customers. Learn the psychological factors that impact decision making and how to write in a way that feels GOOD.

Hi, I'm Kim Doyal!

I started my business in 2008.

Five years ago I got crystal clear on what I wanted and ended up creating an e-commerce brand (The Content Creators Planner), and selling over 10,000 of a physical product without any e-commerce experience. We quickly went from a failed Kickstarter to over $40k a month in sales!

But this isn't about building an e-commerce brand.

This is about creating an email marketing strategy that allows you to generate consistent, recurring revenue in your business (email marketing is what drove the successful launch of the planner!).

Email marketing can (and should be) the primary marketing channel for your business.

I want to help you build a solid foundation that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire. You don't need to "hustle" to grow a business you enjoy that serves your ideal clients.

I've coached entrepreneurs who have launched new brands, physical products, service business, and courses.

Email marketing and newsletters are my sweet spot and I truly believe the ONE thing that will make the biggest difference in your business is to create an Email Engine that drives everything.

Happy Customers

Kerrianne Edwards

Kerrianne Edwards

Brand Strategist

"If she's got space in her schedule for you, jump at the opportunity... you'll be SO happy you did!"

Strategic, wise, funny, and kind... Kim's ultimate superpower is seeing the big picture while simultaneously zeroing in on the SPECIFIC actions that will make the biggest difference to your business.
She's the business coach I turn to for clarity when my inner "crazy creative" gets overwhelmed by the sheer number of ideas and moving parts in my business.
If she's got space in her schedule for you, jump at the opportunity... you'll be SO happy you did!"

Cheryl Kerr

Cheryl Kerr


"We could NOT have done any of this without your skills and knowledge."

From start to finish: the initial ideas, how to source the right people to help, how to map out our content strategy, how to create a killer sales page, how to define and draw in our perfect customers, how to build our email list and how and what offers to make and when.....we launched our product on 31st October and WOW!
We are blown away by the results we've gotten! We followed your advice and suggestions and implemented everything and if sales continue the way they are.....we will have generated £15k worth of sales in just 8 weeks!
Honestly, we can't thank you enough for your support, encouragement, expertise, and guidance, this has been a fantastic experience and we're now talking about getting our 2nd product out there!


Gina Vincent

Exquistely Aligned

Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

Another business owner told me about Kim and about her success with Kim. I immediately connected with her and knew I needed to work with her in her one-off coaching sessions.
I've worked with other business coaches before with little success. Kim on the other hand is exactly what I needed; fast-paced, fun, great business foresight, and immediately understood my business and my goals.
HUGE shout out to Kim Doyal. You are AMAZING!

Ross Brand

At the time I enrolled in Kim’s course, I had a book launch coming up and very little experience with email marketing. After I took Kim's course, and learned about email sequences and putting a newsletter together, and all the different things you could do with email marketing, I turned the focus of my first book launch from my typical outreach vehicles (live streaming and social media promotion) to email.

I started a newsletter and began building a list using what I learned from Kim's course. Kim then recommended I implement a five-day sequence coinciding with the book launch. And it worked! The launch campaign succeeded beyond my wildest imagination. The book was a #1 Best Seller in the US and Canada in 17 categories.

And it was all because I took the course, committed to email marketing, and used what I learned from Kim. I only did a few livestreams and some social media posts, but I went all-in on email. To the best that I can assess, I believe most of the sales during the launch came from that email outreach that included offering pre-launch “early-access” opt-ins, writing a regular newsletter, and then executing the five-day launch sequence.

In the year since the course ended, I’ve grown a strong email list and continue to utilize the formulas and strategies from Email Insiders. It's an extremely valuable experience with a great group of people. Email is key – your list is your opportunity to connect with people, deepen relationships, and make sales. It remains a foundational element – maybe the foundational element – to driving revenue in the knowledge economy. I highly recommend Kim’s course to anyone who wants to grow their business.

ONLY $97 - FOUNDERS Price!!!

How much does this cost?

I'm on a mission to help as many people develop a profitable, email marketing strategy that aligns with who they are and how they serve their audience, so I wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible. This first founders cohort is only $97! 

When does the cohort begin?

HitSend officially begins on Monday, July 11th, 2022. The first week is your onboarding week. We want to get you prepared for the challenge, tell you what to expect, how to navigate the community and Framework, and an initial training on your Custom Notion Email Engine Dashboard.

What's the time commitment?

The daily lesson shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to complete. However... I understand that we all have other commitments, time constraints, and levels of expertise. My recommendation is that you work on completing each exercise and based on your comfort level you decide if you're ready to send that day (we'll be warming up your list during the first week, so don't worry if you haven't emailed in a while).

Do I need to have an email list?

This will be much more effective if you have an email list you can start sending to, however, it' not required. You'll be learning some list building techniques during the challenge, but it's usually not the size of the list that gets in peoples way. It's the fear of not feeling comfortable writing or knowing what to write about. Everything you learn during the challenge can be applied as your list grows.

I don't write well, can I still do this?

Writing emails isn't like writing in school. Naturally, there is a learning curve (the more you do it, the better you'll get), but nothing "bad" is going to happen as you're practicing.  If you know how to talk to your friends and family about things that matter, you can write emails. Have you ever recommended a movie to someone? What about a restaurant? We're going to make this fun!

Can I learn to sell without feeling pushy & salesy?

Most of selling online comes down to mindset and learning to reframe what you're selling. I've also found that the more confident you feel in your product/service, the easier it is to make the offer (food for thought). If you can truly solve a problem for your subscribers you have a responsibility to make them an offer that solves their problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

ONLY $117!

Still have questions? Email me directly: kim@kimdoyal.com

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