Happy Birthday Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Birthday

It’s not often you get excited about celebrating the growth of a product you use (at least I don’t).

Beaver Builder seems to be the exception to the rule (especially in the WordPress space).

I can’t think of another product that I use and love where I’ve been so happy to watch the journey, celebrate their success and enjoy the community.

I would probably say I’m sort of the ‘cheerleader’ for Beaver Builder and the community.

I’ve done a couple posts for Beaver Builder (and podcast interviews), and have a couple more podcast interviews coming (with Puneet from Powerpack and Davinder of ProBeaver).

Because my business has shifted a bit I’m still finding how I can best support Beaver Builder and what type of content I can create that supports both my audience and ‘all things Beaver Builder’ (Beaver Builder and all the 3rd party resources that have sprung up to extend Beaver Builder).

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I’m using Beaver Builder for a few new pages on my site (should be done by next week):
– A new About page
– A new Work with me page
– New resources page

If I do the resources page correctly, I’ll be able to use it as a template and create additional resource pages for specific categories (ex: a resource page on Page Builders. I could do an entire page for Beaver Builder but think Davinder does a stellar job of this with his ProBeaver site and newsletter. No point in trying to reinvent the wheel here).

Before I get into any links to share with you guys today, take a look at the massive opportunities within this space. Which is a small(ish) niche within WordPress.

If you’re still feeling a little ‘stuck’ within the WordPress space because you don’t quite know where you fit in (i.e., how you can serve your audience with specific content and how that will support your business goals), look no further.

Within this space you have:
– addons (free and premium custom modules)
– themes
– courses / training
– aggregated content / newsletter
– videos

Find something you love and go all in.

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I did this years ago with StudioPress & Genesis.

I’ve since moved on, but I honestly feel that helped me get my footing in growing my brand.

Don’t worry if someone else is already talking about what you want to talk about. Do it better (remember, you can back into all of this by taking the time to do some research).

And do it in your own voice.

Give it the time and attention it needs to track and measure what’s working, then adjust accordingly.

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Back to celebrating Beaver Builder.

First, if you haven’t invested in Beaver Builder… what are you waiting for?

Get Beaver Builder here

My favorite addon for Beaver Builder, PowerPack, is running a birthday special for Beaver Builder and they’re offering 15% off through Wednesday, April 5th (this plugin is already a steal). Use code HBB15 at checkout.

Get PowerPack here

Lastly, if you haven’t left a review for Beaver Builder in the WordPress plugin repository, take a few minutes to give the guys some props! The reviews really help.

Leave a review in WordPress for Beaver Builder here

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  1. Hey Kim! Thanks so much for the kind words. It’s wild how quickly the time is passing. It seems like just yesterday we were all huddled around a laptop in our office nervously chatting with you on our first podcast interview. Haha. Good times. Thanks for humoring us back then.

    1. Hey Robby,
      Haha… crazy it’s been 3 years! You humored me too! (I had to ask about the name… which is so perfect, but it was the 12 year old in me that had to ask).
      I couldn’t be happier for you guys!

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