Growing a Business with T-Shirts – My Interview with Trey Lewellen: WPCP 035


One of the things I love most about connecting with new people online is that it reminds me that there are a multitude of different ways to create and build a profitable online business. Of course there’s potential danger in this as well… it’s easy to get distracted when you see that what one person is doing and it looks like they’re making progress faster than you are, even though your business is completely different.

Today’s episode is with another one of my fellow Mastermind members in Adam Spiel’s Facebook Mastermind group, Trey Lewellen.

Trey’s business model is not like anyone else I’ve had on the show. Also known as “Mr. ON IT”, Trey has grown a very successful business through selling T-Shirts, creating membership sites and coaching people to do the same. I’ve watched Trey grow his business in a HUGE way in a very short period of time and am in awe of the massive action he takes on a consistent basis. From selling tea (yes, loose leaf drinkable tea) to creating an empire, Trey’s story is inspiring and the interview is packed with a ton of valuable information you can implement today.

Trey’s Business Model

Using Facebook as his platform:

 Build a successful Fanpage in a specific niche (driving the fanbase up to 10k – 30k fans)

 Sharing valuable content with that audience

 Engaging with that audience to see what they want (and then determining how you can provide it)

 Using TeeSpring to create t-shirts for that audience (using the scarcity model because the t-shirts are only on sale for a limited time)

 Moving the fans off of the Facebook fanpage into a membership site

 Creating and providing valuable content for members

On Facebook:Facebook

Trey and his team have a very strategic method for growing their likes for their Facebook pages. They start with 5 different images and the same copy, run the like campaign to see which image is the most popular. Once they’ve determined which image converts the best, they then test different headlines. From that test they’re able come up with the winning combination of the right image and the right headline.


Sounds so simple yet it’s not something that most people are willing to do (the testing part I mean).

Trey walks you through the exact process I mentioned above for growing your Facebook fanbase. He gives a great example of having a conversation with a particular audience and how he was able to drop the price of his likes from $.40 to $.04 by making one simple tweak that his fans shared with him.

Moving those fans into Membership Sites

You may or may not have heard people saying “Membership sites are dead”… regardless of whether or not you’ve heard that, Trey proves that membership sites are alive and well!

They have an automated process where they drive their fans into an opt-in offer, have a follow up email sequence that delivers valuable content and within a certain period of time offer them an opportunity to join the ‘private community’ at an average price of $10 a month (a price point most people will at least try out and is low enough to have high retention, assuming of course you provide valuable content as well).He’s also built in an amazing upsell for a higher end membership where they provide multiple formats of content (think an interview converted to a transcript, then converted to a PDF) as well as physically shipping something to members every month (where they don’t actually have to do any of the fulfillment).

You will get SO much value from this interview and the BEST thing you can do is implement something… today!

Be sure to listen to the full interview and check out Trey’s offer just for my audience.

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  1. Kim, what is Trey’s Facebook page? For some reason, the one he’s showing on his site is really old (the last post was March of 2013) & he has less than 1,000 likes. He must have another one that you and he are talking about where he uses his techniques described.

    1. Hi Sandi,
      The Facebook page Trey mentioned in our interview is a niche page, not his personal branded page. I’ll get the link and email it to you (thinking he probably doesn’t want it advertised for competitive reasons> 🙂 )

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