Getting Obsessed Is Good For Business

getting obsessed

Think about the last time you really got into something.

Maybe it was a new hobby, an author, a new way of eating, or a new strategy you could apply to your business. I’m talking beyond something that just fills your time… (as much as I’d love to include binge watching things, that’s not quite what I’m referring to here).

I mean you start feeling a pull towards this new thing… all the time.

You find your mind starts to wander towards this ‘thing’ when you’re doing something else. You start to get inspiration from the oddest places… before you know it you’re looking at things you’ve seen every day with new eyes.

All of the sudden it feels like the universe is transpiring with you to validate this new ‘thing’.

It’s kind of like buying a new car, right?

Before you bought your new car, you hadn’t thought much about it. As soon as you drive it home you start seeing your new car everywhere. It’s as if the amount of people driving the same car as you has tripled overnight!

The magic of this new ‘thing’ in your life is that it fuels you in other areas of your life as well.

It’s like taking a mental vacation from all the noise in your mind.

It’s not a big mystery that we feel renewed after taking time off or away from our day-to-day responsibilities, even if we love our life. We need new experiences, a break in patterns to get a different perspective.

For me, that’s been bringing art back into my life.

Growing up I would spend hours in my room drawing. I didn’t think twice about it. I would grab a stack of paper, a pencil, and just get lost in what I was doing.

I was completely present.

The best part?

I didn’t care about what tools I was using (it was a good ol’ fashioned number 2 pencil that I had probably just used for homework).

I simply wanted to draw.

Art was always a part of my life. From classes in school (I wanted to study graphic design, but that’s another story), to owning a scrapbook store. Creativity has always been at the core of my being.

Last fall I started painting with watercolors. It was magical.

I recently completed my 3rd watercolor painting for a friend and will be starting a new one here shortly (a painting for my aunt), but in between paintings I’ve gone back to my first love:

Lettering and drawing.

And yes, I’ve really gotten into it.

Brush pens

My pen collection is growing.

I’ve saved more Instagram images and videos in the last couple of months than I had in the last few years.

They’re all on lettering, journaling, doodling, and drawing.

Every time I sit down to draw, letter, or paint, I lose track of time. All of the sudden I’m transported back to that young girl who was completely present in the moment with her imagination and a pencil.

This is how your business can feel.

It took me a while to connect that feeling with my business, but once you do there’s no going back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed my online business. 10 years later and I’m still here, but it hasn’t always felt like this. Initially, I was focused solely on being able to work from home. It was all about FREEDOM.

Which I had… sort of.

In many ways, I created something based on an old belief. Before I knew it I wondered why I was doing what I was doing. I contemplated getting a ‘job’ (which I’m pretty sure every entrepreneur has thought about at one time or another).

It wasn’t until I finally said ‘enough’, that things started to change.

‘Enough’ for me was stepping away from website and client work and #JustShowingUP.

What I thought was going to be a path to launching a SaaS product turned into an obsession with content marketing.

Which brought me full circle to bringing creativity back into my life.

Now more than ever, we need creativity in our lives. It doesn’t matter what that looks like for you… it could be cooking, woodworking, or gaming.

Just go all in.

The best part is that when you do this… when you let go of expectations…

…the income and lifestyle you want starts to come become a reality.

And, if you’re looking for a place to explore this side… a place where you can marry that ‘obsession’ with your business, join me in Content Creators.

This community on Facebook continues to blow my mind…smart, giving, kind, creative, and amazing entrepreneurs.

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