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There was a time in my life when I wanted to be a professional graphic designer.

So much so in fact that I was an art major for a while (I was sort of the Cal State transfer student… I literally went to 3 different California State Universities, San Jose was my favorite of the 3. It felt the most like ‘college’, but I digress).

I LOVED my art classes at the junior college (I still have my portfolio of things I created… might have to pull that out again). I hadn’t done much painting back then (also took art in high school), my medium of choice was chalk pastels or pencil. I always felt like chalk was a little more forgiving.

What made me change my mind from design and art?


Oh… and I should probably tell you that this was all pre-computer design. Everything I was doing was hand drawn (I didn’t go far enough with the actual graphic design classes to know where we were at in terms of using computers for design. This was in the early 90’s… I’m totally dating myself here).

My fear was that I wasn’t good enough.

I truly loved drawing and art but knew it was a highly competitive field. I was afraid I wouldn’t measure up and didn’t want to hear that (I don’t remember what I told myself at the time, but in hindsight I’m much more aware of why I changed majors). My next major of choice was speech (which is pretty fun considering how much I love podcasting and speaking).

I finally got my degree in psychology (which makes sense considering the huge role psychology plays in marketing and my love of self-development).

What does this have to do with GeneratePress and Elementor?


You don’t have to go to college to learn the things you want to learn anymore (I’m not here to bag on college, to each their own).

It’s also why I love what I do so much… I’m constantly learning.

My friend and design genius, Mor Cohen, has created a new design course using GeneratePress and Elementor.

If you’ve been struggling with branding, colors, typography, and really want to get your WordPress site dialed in, look no further.

Create your own style guide and build a beautifully branded website.

You’re going to learn how to:

  • Create a brand style guide
  • Generate the perfect color palette for your brand
  • Understand the rules of impactful typography and font pairing
  • Master the laws of contrast, visual hierarchy and white space
  • Set up GeneratePress + Elementor with your branding elements
  • Learn the practical steps to creating consistency and cohesive design
  • Plan, present, and layout your content across pages
  • Translate your style guide into a completely branded website

Not too shabby, right?

This is a *brand new* course and she has early bird pricing for the first 50 people…

Check out the Design Class here


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