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Every time I talk to Mike Killen I feel like I’ve drunk from a firehouse of awesomeness.

Mike’s energy and enthusiasm for what he does are infectious. Mike and I connected 5 or 6 years ago and a lot has changed in his business, which is why I wanted to have him on the podcast (and quite frankly I don’t know what took me so long to get him on the show, so sorry about thatMike Killen Mike 😉 ). Like a lot of people, Mike started out freelancing and then moved to the agency side of things. His next step was working with WP Elevation as a coach and through the journey, Mike found a sweet spot with marketing funnels.

He’s since launched an amazing product called ‘Beaver Funnels’, which allows you to structure your funnels in your WordPress dashboard (think to see the sequence of your funnel pages in one place, as opposed to the default WordPress page structure) as well as a content engine that helps you build out the copy for your funnels (this is GOLD).

Questions I Asked Mike

  1. Can you share your backstory with the audience?
  2. Do you think that people who build and sell websites need to offer more than just websites?
  3. What is Beaver Funnels?
  4. What made you decide to create this product?
  5. Can you use Beaver Funnels to simply sell one product off your site?
  6. How have you marketed Beaver Funnels?
  7. What’s coming for Beaver Funnels & your business?
At its core, it's always going to be about money every single time. @Mike_Killen Click To Tweet

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How to differentiate yourself from other agencies (the one thing most people DON’T start with)
  • Why fewer elements on a page (design elements) help increase conversions (it’s all about the copy)
  • How and why they pre-sold Beaver Funnels for market validation
  • How moving too quickly can cause problems (do you know the guts of your business)
  • Why Mike buys other people’s funnel software and what he learns in the process
  • What the content engine is (and why this is more important than you think)
  • What’s coming for Beaver Funnels
We do use it and to me, that was one of the hardest things for me to do because I was already set in my ways of building funnels. @Mike_KillenClick To Tweet


You can get 15% off of Beaver Funnels by entering the discount code 15percent at checkout! Thanks, Mike! 🙂

Where to Connect with Mike

Beaver Funnels | Sell Your Service Website | Facebook Group

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